How Aesthetic Training Can Benefit Nurse Practitioners’ Careers

aesthetic training

As the aesthetics field grows, nurses are taking notice, and for good reason. Nurses are in a great position to train with experts and learn about treating patients. They have the medical experience that positions them to consult with patients and work with doctors. At AAAMS, aesthetic training courses have helped many nurses, doctors and nurse practitioners around the world gain the skills and expertise to enter the field. These courses can benefit nurse practitioners’ careers in many ways.

Become an Aesthetic Nurse

AAAMS has several introductory courses that offer a comprehensive foundation for the study of aesthetics. Introduction to Aesthetics is a virtual and self-paced aesthetic training class that will cover topics such as facial anatomy and the aging process. Having a remote course that can be completed at any time offers busy nurses the flexibility to learn between shifts and on the weekends. The art and science of facial aesthetic training are explored during the course, and it serves as a great entry point to the industry. For nurses looking into becoming aesthetic medicine nurse practitioners, this course can provide the necessary background to answer patient questions about facial structure and procedures. For nurses looking to assist with treatments, this introductory class is part of the training needed to earn a certification to assist with injections.

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Perform Procedures On Patients

For nurses to assist with procedures, they must complete a training course where they practice injections and earn a certification. For some, this skill can be implemented into their current practice in addition to their current work. Other nurses might want to shift their career into pursuing aesthetics full-time and work exclusively with aesthetics patients. Either of these options can be accomplished by enrolling in the right classes. 

Students who take the CE Accredited Aesthetics Training Virtual course will earn the proper certification to assist with injections. This is a two-day completely virtual course that allows students to learn from aesthetic experts and practice aesthetic skills from the comfort of their own home. Experienced instructors will introduce many topics, ranging from how to conduct clinical facial assessments to demonstrating techniques on live patients. Students will also be able to perform injections on lifelike mannequins and local volunteer models.

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Become Part of a Growing Field

The growing aesthetic industry can be a very profitable field to enter. Many patients across the nation are looking for a youthful look or to freshen their appearance. With prior experience as a nurse practitioner, potential patients can trust that you will deliver professional results. One of the most popular procedures is Botox or botulinum toxin injections. This procedure is non-invasive and can be used for a variety of purposes. By enrolling in the Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Training, students can discover different injection techniques specific to Botox and the various treatments that they can offer to patients. Nurses of all experience levels can participate in the class to gain an understanding of neurotoxins and what patients are looking for.

For nurses looking for a career switch, learning more about the business of aesthetics can be beneficial to their future plans. In an Introduction to Business of Aesthetics, students will explore the ways you can interact with clients and build an aesthetics portfolio. These are important factors for running a successful med spa or aesthetic training practice. Gaining knowledge about the best ways to manage a business while providing expert care to patients can propel your practice to great heights. 

There are many options for nurse practitioners to enter the aesthetics space. With the guidance of AAAMS, they can reach their career goals and become part of the field in a short amount of time. Explore our range of courses today!