Ways To Utilize ‘Before And After’ Pictures To Attract More Aesthetic Patients

Aesthetics Medicine before and after

Before and after photos are a great tool to market your services. Potential customers look at pictures first when trying to decide whether or not to undergo an aesthetic procedure. Pictures offer customers reassurance that you have received the necessary aesthetic training to produce proper results. Posting these to your social accounts, website, and ads will help promote these results. 

It is important to post images with consistency. A difference in as much as a bracelet can appear as photo shopped or staged. Try to replicate the environment of the before and after photos or take them in the same place to ensure consistency. In the clinic, you can take a photo before and have a checkup appointment to take after photos. Professionalism makes images more promising to customers as well. Make sure you have documented consent from each client before using images of their face or body. Here are a few more things to consider when executing before and after promotions. 

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Camera and lighting

Image quality can make or break effective promotion. Purchasing or using a quality camera is an essential first step to marketing before and after photos to clients. The images should be consistent in zoom level and lighting. 

Use soft, natural light rather than harsh or fluorescent lighting, if possible. This will create a clear photo without a built-in flash. Photography lighting equipment like a lamp or umbrella will help avoid direct light and a more quality image. Avoid having light coming through windows for softer shadows. 

Content Consistency 

The patient’s face should be bare and completely free of makeup and jewelry. Their face should present a soft, relaxed expression. No smile and eyes looking into the camera to avoid any creating lines. The hair should be in a hair net away from the face. Block out the eyes before posting the photo online. 

The images taken for the body should have the same clothing in the before and after. Providing garments will be helpful to achieve this. Solid colored garments that are loose to avoid squeezing will help exemplify the true before and after results. The poses should be the same each time. Guidance and even a template for feet below the patient’s body will help in placing the proper position. 

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Make sure the background is solid and without pattern, if possible. Use this same background every time you take photos of your clients. It is also helpful to take images of the treated area from multiple angles. Ensure the distance between the camera and the client is enough to show everything clearly without being too far or too close to depict. It is best to call your patient back in for a follow up based on the procedures recovery and results time frame. This could be anywhere from one week to six months following the procedure. 

Follow these simple steps to provide consistency and belief for your clients when viewing the images you promote. At AAAMS, we believe these suggestions will help your clients feel reassured and more comfortable undergoing an aesthetic procedure at your clinic by doing so.