For medical practitioners of all skill levels and medical backgrounds, we offer two main categories of medical aesthetics training courses to help you enhance your skills: Facial Aesthetics Training and Body Aesthetics Training.

Facial Aesthetics Courses

We offer several facial aesthetics courses for various skill levels — preparatory, hands-on and advanced.

Preparatory Online Courses

Our preparatory courses are basics for the aesthetic medicine industry. These are best for medical practitioners considering a career in aesthetics.

  1. Introduction to Aesthetics (INTRO 101): Master basic facial principles such as the aging process, anatomy, facial dimensions and the four R’s of rejuvenation.
  2. Botox Training (BTX 101): Receive a comprehensive understanding of neurotoxins for botox injections — created for inexperienced practitioners.
  3. Dermal Fillers Training (DF 101): Learn about the facial aging process, specifically focusing on blood vessels and nerve anatomy for dermal filler treatment plans.
  4. Facial Aesthetics 101 (FA 101): Combine the previous three courses — INTRO 101, BTX 101 and DF 101 — for an in-depth introduction to all things facial aesthetics.
  5. Business of Aesthetics (BUS 101): Identify and set individual business goals to thrive in a medical spa and aesthetic medicine space.

Hands-On Aesthetic Certification Trainings

Consider our hands-on aesthetic training courses for medical practitioners interested in facial filler, chemical peeling and micro-needling certifications.

  1. Aesthetics Training 101 Hybrid (AES 101 H): Get skillful, hands-on practice through our classroom and in-office learning hybrid. Join online for lectures, presentations and discussions before coming into our space to practice on mannequins and live models.
  2. Aesthetics 101 Virtual (AES 101 V): In this completely virtual option, you’ll receive lectures, discussions and demonstrations from home. Additionally, if you do not live in the area, you can practice on mannequins and live models in your location.
  3. Botulinum Toxins (BOTOX) Virtual Certification Program (BTX CERT): This virtual Botox certification course will allow RNs, NPs, PAs and MDs to learn in-demand skills.

Advanced Online Aesthetic Courses

If you have enjoyed any preparatory and hands-on courses, move on to our advanced options for further educational opportunities.

  1. Jawline and Chin Enhancement (JAW 301): Assess and enhance the chin and jawline with neurotoxins and dermal fillers.
  2. Forehead Contouring with Dermal Fillers (FC 301): Enhance and restore facial proportions on the forehead.
  3. Facial Mannequin Training Program (MANN 201): Perfect your techniques and treatment plans while practicing on facial mannequins.
  4. Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Training (RNO 201): Safely learn the non-surgical rhinoplasty technique using fillers.
  5. Vector Facelift by Dermal Fillers (VF 301): Smooth and tighten facial wrinkles with this breakthrough technique.
  6. Botox for Migraines (MIG 301): Heal patients struggling with chronic migraines by using Botox.

Body Aesthetics Courses

Our two levels of liposuction training will have you feeling prepared and ready to practice in no time.

  1. Express Liposuction Training (LIPO 201): Be introduced to liposuction and liposculpting with this preparatory course.
  2. Advanced Liposuction Training (LIPO 301): Learn liposuction case presentations and techniques before performing hands-on training and observation.

Why Choose AAAMS for Your Aesthetic Certification?

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) has dedicated itself to training registered nurses, physicians and practitioners in non-invasive cosmetic surgery and aesthetics by using a practical, safe and clear-cut approach since 2006.

Registration for most AAAMS courses include membership in the first-of-its-kind online network for aesthetics professionals. From networking opportunities to professional resources to classes on the latest procedures and innovations in our field, the AAAMS Aesthetics Network can offer you exactly what you need to continue growing as a practitioner. This is the only community like this for aesthetic medical professionals in North America. Check out specific course pages to see what’s included, or learn more about the AAAMS.

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