Benefits of Offering Botox at Your Practice

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If you walk up to a random person on the street and ask them what Botox is, they’ll likely know. The brand of the original (and best-known) neuromodulator has become somewhat of a household name over the last few years.

What this tells us is the increasing popularity of medical aesthetic procedures — not just in the medical community, but by the general public. Experts cite anything from the rise of social media, greater social acceptance of men’s desire to enhance their appearance, and celebrities talking openly about cosmetic procedures for this change. Whatever the cause, we know that the demand for aesthetic medicine is booming, leading medical professionals to recognize the market opportunity in a practice that offers Botox. While profit is the most obvious incentive for starting any new venture, the benefits of adding aesthetic services to your practice go beyond just revenue.  

Benefits of Getting Botox Certified

Getting your Botox certification is one of the easiest, fastest, and most affordable ways to capitalize on market trends, attract a broader patient demographic, and grow your practice.

Botox training builds on your existing medical expertise, so it takes less time and effort than expected to learn the foundational principles of aesthetic medicine, gain a deeper understanding of facial anatomy, hone your injection technique, and earn your certification. Once you’re certified, you’ll discover the many benefits of elevating your career with a single skill that effectively treats multiple challenges. Here are just a few of the benefits of getting a Botox certification and using it in your career.

Have Fun at Work 

If you ask most aesthetics practitioners about their work, they’ll probably tell you that they enjoy what they do. Aesthetic medicine combines art and science in individualized ways: identifying the perfect combinations of products, approaches, and techniques to meet clients’ wants and needs.

No Day is the Same

One of the most cited benefits of practicing aesthetic medicine, whether you own your own practice or not, is kissing the monotony of clinical work goodbye. Aesthetics adds variety to your day — no patient is the same; no procedure is the same. Even if you work in a clinical setting, adding Botox and other aesthetic procedures to your services can break up and enhance your day, making work more enjoyable.

Healthier Work Environment

Aesthetic medicine is the only medical specialty where healthcare professionals work almost exclusively with healthy patients. Not only does this mean less exposure to pathogens in your work environment, it often means an atmosphere that’s much more light and upbeat than you’ll typically find in any other kind of clinical setting. What other specialty can you think of in which routinely look forward to visiting their provider?

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Escape Managed Care 

Many sharp critiques have been leveled at the managed care model that has come to dominate institutional instantiations of modern medicine. Many researchers have cited the impersonal bureaucracy of managed care as running a high risk of demoralizing and dehumanizing healthcare providers and patients alike. The shortest way out of the managed care model for many nurses and doctors lies in pivoting their careers to aesthetic medicine.

Explore Business Ventures

For those who have always dreamed of opening their own practice, opening a Botox-based medspa can finally give you the freedom to be your own boss. You get to build your business on your terms, becoming the designer of your career and life. You may even find that you’re just as much a businessperson as you are a medical practitioner. 

Make People Happy

Most practitioners pursue the medical profession to help people, but those people often have conditions that take time to analyze and understand. Aesthetic medicine is really the only medical specialty where patients instantly leave with less pain and stress and with more self-confidence and excitement about their treatment. Aesthetic medicine is truly unique in that it gives you the power to help patients feel good on the inside and outside.

Create a Positive Environment

One of the best things about opening a Botox practice is working in an environment contrary to the clinical setting you’re used to. Say goodbye to fluorescent lights, lackluster designs, and stale ambiance. Instead, you’ll have a chance to create a space that is beautiful, positive, and calming. You may be surprised at what this change of environment can do for your — and your employees’ and patients’ — mood.

Enjoy Networking & Events

Because medical aesthetics fall in the category of luxury expenditures, you’ll love the chance you’ll have to host promotional events and build relationships with your patients. These events often have a strong social element and function like informal cocktail parties. Mixing and mingling are encouraged and expected, and value-added activities are typically part of the event. These activities can include introductions to new aesthetic products, product demonstrations, patient education, buy-2-get-1-free specials (especially during the holidays), or other incentives designed to elevate your brand, increase patient loyalty, and attract newcomers to your business.

Keep Learning

Are you a student of life? If you enjoy continuous learning, as many medical practitioners do, aesthetic medicine will open up a new door in your life. The industry is constantly changing and evolving, so you’ll be continuously learning new skills and changing your techniques. Aesthetics is also a broad title for an array of procedures, so there is always more to discover.

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Botox Patient Applications & Benefits

The use of aesthetic medicine has changed the way clinicians approach cosmetic procedures and expanded the applications for Botox. While Botox is best known for its ability to erase wrinkling and reduce dermal creasing, it has many other applications, several of which aren’t related to cosmetics. While less prominent outside of the medical community, these applications deliver surprising benefits that help patients look and feel better. Here are X applications for Botox you may not be aware of.

Reduce Excessive Sweating

In 1984, Gillette launched one of the most successful antiperspirant campaigns of all time with the tagline, Never let them see you sweat. However, for some people, no amount of antiperspirant can save them from excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) — especially in high-stress situations like job interviews, dates or presentations.

Luckily, Botox is extremely effective in stopping Hyperhidrosis because it inhibits the glands responsible for perspiration. While the underarms are the most common target for Botox, almost any area prone to sweating can be treated, including palms, soles, scalp, perineal, intergluteal cleft, and even the scrotum.

Ease Migraines

It is estimated that roughly half of the world’s population suffers from some type of headache disorder. With such large volumes of those suffering, there was a need for a successful treatment to alleviate symptoms. Botox treatments reduce both the frequency and severity of painful headache and migrane episodes. It’s injected around nerve endings where it blocks the release of chemicals involved in pain transmission. Botox is FDA-approved as a treatment option for those 18 and older who suffer from chronic migraines.

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Fight Acne

Tiny amounts of Botox can be injected into active acne lesions to help fight acne by reducing oil production. While Botox should generally be reserved as a last resort for treating acne that fails to respond to other approaches, if used judiciously, it can play a small but meaningful role in a broader treatment regimen.

Decrease Jaw Pain and Discomfort

Did you know that roughly a third of our population struggles with teeth grinding and jaw clenching? If you’re a dental specialist, you may have. Typically, a mouth guard is recommended to alleviate these problems. While dental guards do protect teeth, they can’t circumvent peripheral issues that these actions cause, like headaches, muscle and shoulder tightness, and jaw pain. However, another treatment can: Botox.

Botox is an increasingly popular and effective treatment for these and other issues. When Botox is injected into the masseter (jaw) muscle, it significantly weakens it, making clenching and tooth grinding much more difficult. Injecting Botox can’t eliminate teeth grinding, clenching, or lockjaw altogether, but it relaxes the muscle responsible for these movements and relieves pain and discomfort.

This Botox application also comes with cosmetic benefits. Over time, as the masseter becomes less active, its bulk decreases and reduces facial width in this area. This results in a softer, blunter jawline.

Reverse Side Effects of Dystonia

One of the most unfortunate symptoms that patients with neurological diseases can experience is a form of dystonia (an abnormality in muscle tone) that results in uncontrollable drooling. Fortunately, Botox can be injected into the salivary glands to restore normal saliva levels. This effectively restores patients’ confidence and makes it easier and more pleasant to perform daily tasks.

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Level Up Your Practice: Start Your Botox Certification Today

Botox and other similar neuromodulators can alleviate a diverse array of patient concerns, making it an incredibly valuable skill for practitioners to learn. The benefits of Botox go far beyond simply erasing wrinkles to help patients look and feel better, not only boosting their self-confidence but also improving their quality of life. Understanding the many capabilities of Botox and offering it is wise for any medical practitioner.

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