5 Market Trends in Aesthetic Medicine & How To Capitalize on Them

You know that when McKinsey & Co. starts paying attention, there’s something big going on.

McKinsey & Co., the world’s premier corporate consulting firm and the definitive source for All Things Business, recently devoted an in-depth article to the rapid growth of the aesthetic injectables market. The firm—a hard-nosed authority looked to by the likes of enterprise executives, venture capitalists, and even White House policy leaders—wouldn’t be caught dead dabbling in the beauty space without a lot of good reasons to do so. $3.1 billion, to be exact, which McKinsey’s & Co. research finds is the amount raised in the last five years from investors in the space. 

5 Market Trends in Aesthetic Medicine

Thanks to the following trends, McKinsey predicts that the market for aesthetic injectables could grow a whopping 12 to 14 percent per year through 2027.

The Perception of Injectables is Going From Extreme to Mainstream

While aesthetic injectables were once considered the province of movie stars, socialites, TV personalities, and a small minority of appearance-conscious consumers, this perception has changed dramatically. In the last several years, a combination of factors (including the “Zoom Boom,” social media influencers, strategic marketing campaigns, shifting cultural attitudes, and more) have altered public opinion about injectables, bringing injectables from the fringe to the mainstream. 

Younger Consumers are Narrowing the Gap

While most consumers seeking aesthetic procedures are female, 6-figure income-earners in their forties, 20-something female consumers are narrowing the gap between younger and older market segments. This is especially true in China, though a similar trend is being observed in the U.S. as more and more college-age women and young professionals seek “lunchtime” procedures like lip flips and lip fillers, along with more involved injectable procedures like cheek volumization.  

Demand Among Male Consumers is Growing

In 2018, men made up 10 percent of the Botox/neuromodulator market, jumping to 15 percent in 2021. And while young women are leading the charge in CAGR in China, affluent men in Europe and North America represent one of the fastest-growing market segments in the West.  

Patients are Increasingly Brand Loyal 

Only several years ago, consumers would come to aesthetic clinics, med spas, and beauty bars armed with knowledge about the procedure they were seeking but knowing less about the product brands used for performing them. But no more. Consumers (especially those in their twenties) have become increasingly brand conscious and brand loyal. Twenty-somethings often make requests to be treated with their preferred brand and even exhibit resistance to recommendations from injectors to consider competitor brands within the same product category. 

A Proliferation of Adjacent Expansion Is Occurring

Because the market for injectables represents such a robust growth opportunity, more and more RNs, NPs, PAs, physicians, and even dentists are pursuing aesthetics training to expand their practice and capitalize on market demand. Perhaps never before has there been a medical adjacency so accessible and potentially profitable to such a broad array of practicing healthcare providers (HCPs). The fact that Botox and filler training is a low-investment, high-return way for HCPs to advance their career and build their business results in a proliferation of aesthetics providers.

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