The Best Summertime Botox Courses for Nurses

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Ah, the dog days of summer. Lazy days at the beach. Backyard barbecues. Sundresses, Bermudas, and flip-flops. And Botox training. 

Botox training? Yep, Botox training

We get it. When you think of summertime, Botox and dermal filler training are hardly the first to come to mind. And that makes sense since most of us see summertime as the time to chill, unwind, and relax—not a time to jump into something stressful, time-consuming, and potentially cost-prohibitive.  

But here’s the thing: Botox training is chill. And you can complete it in as little as a week! And it won’t blow up your budget or break the bank. 

Why Summertime is the Perfect Time to Dip Your Toe Into the Pool of Aesthetic Training

Although summer’s not officially over till September, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of the year’s most leisurely season. And when you consider that this holiday is a commemoration and celebration of American workers, it’s no wonder it’s the time that heralds the return to a renewed focus on career activity, professional development, and academic pursuits. 

That’s why it makes sense to get a head start on the flurry of activity that characterizes the coming of fall. By setting aside just a little time in your summer schedule to jump into aesthetics training and earn your certification, come Labor Day, you’ll be locked and loaded for a new career adventure! 

AAAMS Summertime Aesthetics Courses—Fast, Easy, Fun, Affordable, and Fully Accredited

AAAMS is the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. We’ve been training students worldwide in aesthetic medicine for more than 15 years and have designed incredibly popular summertime courses for every experience level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

When selecting an aesthetics training program, you want it to be five things: fast, easy, fun, affordable, and fully accredited. 

It’s fast. Remember in high school how certain teachers had a reputation for assigning “busy work”? Work that seemed to have no real relevance to practical learning objectives and felt like wasted time? When you’re looking for an aesthetics training program, you want a program without busy work; a program that’s all substance and no fluff; a program that’s rigorous and robust yet highly streamlined to accelerate your learning so you can earn your certification as quickly as possible. (Without cutting any corners.) And that’s exactly what you’ll find at AAAMS. 

It’s easy. A well-designed training platform and program make it easy to get started, easy to navigate and successfully progress, easy to access support, and easy to complete. At AAAMS, you can begin your aesthetic journey virtually risk-free by enrolling in a mini-course, Introduction to Aesthetics 101. This virtual, self-paced course makes it a cinch to take your first step and experience the world of aesthetic medicine for yourself before making any further commitments.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to roll up the sleeves of your scrubs and dive into your prerequisites, you can take the introductory course,  Botunlimum Toxins 101, and Dermal Fillers 101 in a single course, CE Accredited Facial Aesthetics 101 Series. After you complete these prerequisites—either in succession or rolled into one—you’re just one hybrid or virtual course away from certification!  

It’s fun! Aesthetic training should be fun! At AAAMS, we know that any kind of medical training is serious business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast while you’re at it. We pride ourselves on creating warm, positive, and playful learning environments that not only educate but inspire. 

A sense of camaraderie, community connection, and collegiality is not only fun but also essential to personal and professional development alike, and that’s why we created the AAAMS Aesthetics Network. It’s a bit like LinkedIn, only it’s much more intimate, interactive, and reserved exclusively for aesthetics practitioners. When you join, you’ll be able to participate in interesting conversations with fellow students and instructors, take advantage of mentorship opportunities, access job postings and referrals, view on-demand webinars, get discounts on AAAMS courses, and much, much more. To better understand why professional support and aesthetic training should go hand-in-hand, check out this blog

It’s affordable. Investing in your career should be affordable, and AAAMS gives you several options for making tuition costs manageable. The good news is that Botox and dermal filler training represent just the tiniest fraction of the investment required for becoming an RN, NP, or PA. And because aesthetic injectables are among the fastest-growing healthcare sector and represent a booming market, there’s never been a better time to invest in aesthetics training. 

We are fully accredited. Although we’re discussing this last, it could be argued it should top the list. Accreditation ensures that a reputable body backs your training platform and that your instructors adhere to industry standards and ethical guidelines. Selecting a training program that lacks accreditation is an exercise in risk. Medical training and your career is not something you want to gamble with, and accreditation is the safest and most secure way to know you’re in good hands. 

Ready to Make a Summertime Splash With Botox Training? 

AAAMS is the premier, fully-accredited platform for excellence in aesthetics training! With more than 5,000 worldwide graduates, we make it fast, easy, fun, and affordable to begin a new career adventure. To learn more about us, check out our website, hear what our students have to say about us, join the Aesthetics Network, and get started today! 

We’ll see you in class!