Nurse Practitioners Love Aesthetics Training And Here’s Why


If you’re a nurse practitioner (or, for that matter, an RN or PA), there’s a good chance that you’ll love aesthetic training and earning your Botox certification. Why? For one, thanks to your existing medical expertise, you already possess a strong foundation for successfully completing aesthetic training, making it an incredibly quick, easy, and affordable approach to boosting your resume, expanding your practice, and increasing your job options. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many reasons to love aesthetics training that go way beyond career advancement.  

What Our Students Tell Us

At AAAMS (The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery), we’ve trained more than 5,000 students for successful careers in today’s hottest medical specialty. And what we’ve learned from over 15 years in the business (through hundreds of conversations with our students) is that they love aesthetic training for five reasons. 

It’s fascinating.

Aesthetic medicine is the only specialty that concerns itself not with treating disease but with enhancing appearance. (And, some would say, confidence.) It’s also the only specialty that combines equal parts art and science and requires practitioners to learn to assess facial anatomy using the Golden Ratio—a mathematical formula for understanding and creating ideal proportions using structural symmetry, harmony, and balance principles. Moreover, aesthetic medicine has a long and rich history that goes back thousands of years. Our students are often highly intrigued by modern research into the psycho-social implications intrinsic to the quest for beauty. 

It’s fun.

At AAAMS, we are fully-accredited industry leaders who have built a reputation for our highly rigorous courses and world-class instruction. But we’re also known for creating incredibly positive, inspiring, engaging, and even playful learning experiences. If you ask almost any of our students or accomplished graduates, they’ll tell you that training with us is incredibly fun and that we know how to infuse lightness and humor into the learning process. And independent of our classroom environments, our NPs, RNs, and PAs say that finding ways to bring out the best in their patients is itself an exceptionally enjoyable challenge. 

It’s refreshingly different.

Many of our students quickly realize that aesthetic medicine is unlike anything they’ve ever done before. Of course, they already have a sense for this before they begin training with us. But once they actually gain new skills and get hands-on experience, they often describe a feeling that can perhaps only be encapsulated by the expression, “We’re not in Kansas anymore!” Aesthetic medicine operates on entirely different terms than any other branch of medicine, giving our students a new perspective on their profession and a welcome change of pace from established routines. 

It’s individualized.

Precision medicine is still in its infancy and will take decades to become the norm across medical specialties. But in many ways, aesthetic medicine has long been the standard-bearer for precision (fully individualized) medicine. With every patient aesthetic practitioners treat, they must take a customized approach informed by the patient’s unique facial anatomy, personal preferences, product use-case, budget constraints, and so forth. 

The individualized nature of aesthetic medicine makes it imperative that practitioners collaborate with their patients to develop customized treatment plans. This, say many of our students, is one of the best parts of the profession. Rather than being confined to cookie-cutter treatment approaches dictated by the profit-driven, algorithmically engineered structures of managed care, practitioners are finally free to reclaim their professional autonomy and exercise their best judgment on behalf of their patients. 

It can dramatically improve work/life balance.

According to a recent New York Times op-ed piece, hospital greed is destroying American nurses—and has been for well over a decade. As the years have passed, we’ve been seeing more and more students who have recognized aesthetic medicine provides an escape from exploitative working conditions and dramatic improvements in work/life balance. Aesthetic medicine is intrinsically immune to almost every problem plaguing direct-care nursing. It offers a hopeful and rewarding way forward for nurses and other healthcare providers battling burnout.   

Want to Find Out if You’ll Love Aesthetic Training? We Make it Easy.

Although we have it on good authority from our students that you’ll love aesthetic training and all the new doors it will open, you can find out for yourself—practically risk-free—by enrolling in our mini-course, Introduction to Aesthetics. (Or, if you’ve been thinking about getting certified in Botox and dermal fillers for a while and are ready to jump directly into the process, check out this course and enroll today!) 

Whatever you decide, you can be sure we have the perfect course for you and that we’ll be there to support you every step of the way, both in and out of the classroom, with our industry-acclaimed Aesthetic Network. (It’s our exclusive professional platform designed to give you just about every kind of support and resource imaginable for a successful career in aesthetic medicine.) 

Visit our website, get a sneak peek into our training courses, and get ready for a new and exciting career adventure.

We look forward to training with you!