Top 5 Aesthetic Registered Nurse Certifications That Can Enhance Your Career

In addition to providing much-needed healthcare service, healing the sick, and generally being a means for the greater good, registered nurses have the opportunity to expand their skills even further by adding aesthetic certifications to their repertoire.

Aesthetic training is a great tool for registered nurses to have in their pockets. It gives them highly marketable training in minimally invasive procedures that are in strong demand across the globe. Not to mention a ticket to demand higher wages and benefits in many practices. Add to that the fact that adding aesthetic training to their continuing education can give them the flexibility to control their work hours and move to any region they want. It’s easy to see why so many registered nurses are signing up for programs to expand their aesthetic credentials. 

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There are many programs registered nurses can take to gain additional certifications in aesthetic services like Botox training to receive a Botox certification. Here are a few of the top 5 aesthetic registered nurse certifications one can get to enhance one career.

Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Becoming a certified aesthetic nurse specialist is the first step in working within the aesthetics industry. But it doesn’t require a return to nursing school or the tuition fees that come with that. Instead, registered nurses can enroll in in-person and virtual programs, like the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery’s (AAAMS) curriculum. 

Offering a variety of aesthetic courses, AAAMS is designed to guide healthcare providers in their accreditation journey. Each program features data-driven, research-based classes written and crafted by experts in the field. Each course includes clearly defined objectives so a registered nurse knows exactly what they’ll be learning while enrolled. And accreditation is clearly spelled out so that those who invest in these courses can walk away ready to perform the new training they’ve learned.

RN Botox Certification

For many RNs, learning to perform botox treatments is both a way to boost patients’ self-esteem and add a highly valuable skill to their personal resumes. Not to mention a profitable one at that. Zip Recruiter reports that the average salary for an aesthetic nurse is $85,621, with some nurses earning as much as $124,000.

Given the earning potential, aesthetic training for nurses, such as AAAMS’s CE Accredited Facial Mannequin Training Program, is a smart investment. In this program — a four and half hour course one can do at their own pace — healthcare providers learn how to evaluate, mark, and inject patients with botulinum toxins and dermal fillers. This includes everything from learning injection techniques for frown lines as well as how to mark lips for dermal fillers. 

Built around understanding how a face ages, this course is under the guidance of Dr. Sam Assassa, a leader in the aesthetic industry and founder of Beverly Hills Cosmetics.

Chemical Peels

For RNs who want to add an additional skill to their resume, becoming trained in chemical peels while reviewing and practicing their Botox and dermal filler skills, is a great way to become a more versatile nurse. And AAAMS’s two-day aesthetic training program, CE Accredited Aesthetics Training 101 hybrid curriculum was designed to do just that. 

Conducted by experienced physician instructors, this is a detailed hands-on class that will not only answer all of your questions regarding these procedures but will give you a chance to test your skills side-by-side with the best in the business. 

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Online Course

You don’t have to limit your aesthetic training to just Botox and dermal fillers. At AAAMS, even non-surgical rhinoplasty training is available to registered nurses. And even better? It’s an online course, saving you time and money.

This program breaks down the anatomy of the nose teaching trainees safe injection zones and dermal filler techniques to perform non-surgical rhinoplasty, a procedure that truly blends medicine and art to give a patient a more pleasing nose shape.

This increasingly popular procedure, which grew by 29 percent in 2020, according to Harper’s Bazaar, is a great outpatient alternative to traditional rhinoplasty and lasts for as long as 12 months.

Non-surgical Facelift

Finally, another exciting advancement in aesthetics that every RN should know about is the CosmoFacelift™, a one-hour natural non-surgical facelift that uses dermal filler to smooth the skin resulting in a more youthful look.

Those who are interested can get a head start on AAAMS’s dermal filler training course, Vector Facelift by Dermal Fillers. For just $250 RNs can enroll in the online certification program that teaches participants how to perform the CosmoFacelift™ Procedure. As a bonus, all participants are invited to join the AAAMS Social Network where you can keep up with continuing information on the product and procedures as well as join the greater aesthetic community in building your skills and network. 

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