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We’ll remind you of something you probably already know: technology and its abilities continue to grow, and the world increasingly relies on it. The latest advancements allow people to access many services online that were once traditionally obtained in person. 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many services to go virtual and was thus a major driver in technological advancements. Children began learning remotely, a large workforce sector transitioned to working from home and many doctor’s appointments even went virtual. While this was a significant change for everyone, there’s no denying how convenient virtual services have become. 

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) recognizes the value of offering students convenient ways to achieve their continuing medical education (CME) goals, which is why we’re a leader in online health certification. If you’re a physician, physician’s assistant, registered nurse or dentist interested in online CME courses, we have all the information you should know here. 

Virtual Aesthetics Training: Online vs. In-Person Medical Training

Virtual aesthetics training is an online training program that teaches participants the fundamentals of medical aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology. Virtual aesthetics training offers an alternative to in-person learning, with the goal of teaching aesthetic medicine techniques to help students establish or broaden their medical aesthetics knowledge. 

AAAMS offers a Virtual Aesthetics Training and Certification Course, which includes two modules. The first module is an online, self-paced series on facial aesthetics and chemical peels, and the second is a full day of hands-on virtual training on Botox and dermal fillers. 

How Does Virtual Aesthetics Training Work? Can You Really Get Certified From Your Couch?

Virtual aesthetics training is an innovative way for health care professionals and aspiring medical aestheticians to learn how to deliver medical aesthetics care. This type of training offers a flexible and affordable option for those unable to attend traditional classes. Read on to discover how virtual aesthetics training works. 

Online medical aesthetics training typically consists of video lectures, interactive webinars and demonstrations that students access through an online learning management system. These videos are created by expert medical professionals with years of industry experience. The videos cover a wide range of topics, such as facial anatomy, patient assessment, injection techniques and other treatments. Some online aesthetics training academies also offer live webinars where students can interact with their instructors and ask real-time questions.

Online medical aesthetics training also includes practical assessments and assignments to ensure students can apply what they learn in the videos. Students can complete these assessments at home using a kit that contains the necessary tools and products, such as lifelike mannequins. The assignments may include injecting a model with a dermal filler or performing a laser treatment on a simulated patient. Students will typically submit photos or videos of their work for evaluation by their instructors.

Students who complete the Aesthetics Training 101 Virtual course at AAAMS will receive certifications in Botox, dermal fillers and chemical peels. 

One of the major benefits of online medical aesthetics training is its flexibility. Students can access the course materials at any time and from any location as long as they have an internet connection. So yes, you really can get certified from your couch! This also means health care professionals can fit their studies around their work commitments. Online medical aesthetics training is also more affordable than traditional classes, as it eliminates the need for travel and accommodation expenses.

Who Is a Good Fit for Virtual Aesthetics Training?

Virtual aesthetics training courses

Educators designed virtual aesthetics training for health care professionals interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in the medical aesthetics field. The following medical professionals would be a good fit for virtual aesthetics training if they have a passion for aesthetics and a desire to provide their patients with safe and effective cosmetic treatments:

Virtual aesthetics training can be a good fit for health care providers looking for a flexible and convenient way to learn about the latest trends and techniques in medical aesthetics. It can be beneficial for those living in areas where in-person training opportunities are limited or who have busy schedules that make it difficult to attend traditional training programs.

Those who enjoy and excel in online learning environments and have a calm, quiet place to study are perfect candidates for virtual aesthetics training. 

Why Complete Aesthetics Training Online?

There are many reasons to opt for virtual CME courses. The benefits of online medical training include comfort, convenience, community and the opportunity for students to prepare for conducting virtual aesthetics consultations. 


One reason virtual learning is so popular is that it enables students to create their own comfortable learning space free from the restrictions of a traditional classroom setting. Physical comfort aids learning because it allows the body to relax and the mind to focus on absorbing and integrating new information. With online aesthetics training, medical professionals can complete their coursework from a home office, the couch, a hammock in the backyard or anywhere they deem suitable. 


Today’s medical professionals are busy, juggling long, demanding shifts with family and personal life. However, the convenience of virtual aesthetics courses has been a game-changer, allowing many students who otherwise may have been unable to find the time to pursue medical aesthetics training. With online aesthetics training, learners can study from anywhere at any time, enabling them to fit education into their days as they see fit.


Students of AAAMS have access to the AAAMS exclusive professional network, a community of medical aesthetics colleagues committed to learning, networking and advancing the medical aesthetics field. With a professional network membership, students will enjoy the following perks:

  • Access to exclusive content
  • The opportunity to connect with other professionals of similar interests and specialties
  • The chance to build a network of medical aesthetics colleagues with whom to share ideas, challenges and experiences

Students who complete the AAAMS virtual aesthetics training 101 also receive an automatic 12-month membership to the AAAMS Network!


As a medical aesthetics practitioner, you may choose to offer virtual consultations and appointments. With shifting patient needs and ever-advancing technology, providers and clients alike enjoy the convenience of virtual appointments. 

Through virtual aesthetics courses, you’ll become familiar with and comfortable interacting with others through a screen, which is exactly what you’ll do during virtual patient meetings. This familiarity can help you avoid some of the nervousness associated with starting a new practice and put first-time patients at ease. 

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Enroll in Virtual Aesthetics Training at AAAMS

Are you leaning toward online medical training? With benefits like flexibility and comfort, we don’t blame you! At AAAMS, you’ll enjoy learning from expert educators and experienced professionals committed to training you in the art of aesthetics and noninvasive cosmetic surgery. Take the first step in your new career today by registering for your first virtual aesthetics course today!