Are You a Physician’s Assistant Who Wants to Easily Expand Your Practice? Botox Certification is Just What You’re Looking For


If you’re a physician’s assistant, your training background is extensive and your scope of expertise broad. But however diverse your patient duties and care responsibilities may be, they all fall into one common category—treating disease. So, if you’re looking to expand your practice on entirely new terms, Botox certification is the fastest, easiest way to accomplish this objective successfully.  

Aesthetic Medicine—Your Career, Redefined

One of the most interesting things about aesthetic medicine is that it differs in three significant ways from any other specialty. This allows you to redefine your career, attract new patients, and develop professionally in deeply satisfying, highly engaging, and lucrative ways. Let’s look at these three differentiators and why they can make your career even more personally compelling and professionally profitable. 

A New Paradigm

Aesthetic medicine is the only specialty that focuses on enhancing appearance rather than treating disease. Although aesthetic training builds on your existing expertise, it represents a new practice paradigm. When you add Botox certification to your treatment arsenal, you open doors to a qualitatively different repertoire of practice that brings new depth and dimension to your career. Your professional practice becomes even more diversified, richer, and rewarding by getting outside the box of prevention and treatment of disease.   

Art Meets Science

Although it may be said that all medical specialties have an element of both art and science, none but aesthetic medicine represents a true synthesis of these two disciplinary domains. In this sense, aesthetic medicine stands alone, and successful aesthetic practitioners are those whose artistic eye is as developed as their technical skills. Although aesthetic practitioners must have a deep understanding of facial anatomy, sound injection techniques, and the treatment applications of the newest injectables, they must also understand how to apply the principles of the Golden Ratio to every treatment they perform. 

When you train with AAAMS (The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery), you’ll learn to understand and recognize the predictable stages of aging that result in progressive and predictable deviations from the ideal proportions mathematically expressed in the Golden Ratio. You’ll learn to assess these deviations and how to reverse them, as well as how to enhance youthful facial anatomy using the Golden Ratio as your guide. Bringing art and science together in this way is typically very satisfying and inspiring for most PAs. It allows them to exercise an element of creativity that is usually missing from their careers. 

Patient Collaboration

Aesthetic medicine is the only specialty where the patient must be an active co-collaborator in formulating a treatment plan. Although the medical dimension of the treatment is entirely in the injector’s hands, the aesthetic dimension relies as much on the wishes, concerns, and personal preferences of the patient as it does the artistic eye of the injector. The collaborative approach that necessarily characterizes aesthetic medicine offers many PAs a welcome and incredibly enjoyable change of pace. At AAAMS, many of our students and graduates routinely share how much fun it is to work with patients in such a personal way. They report how gratifying it is to know they’re skilled at giving their patients exactly the look they’re hoping for. And they say there’s nothing like the moment they complete the treatment and hand a mirror to their patient, only to hear them exclaim about how happy they are with the result. 

Ready to Expand Your Practice on Entirely New Terms?

AAAMS makes it fast, easy, and affordable to earn your Botox and dermal filler certification and begin a new career adventure. With 15 years of fully-accredited, industry-leading experience in aesthetics training, we deliver top-tier instruction from accomplished and influential experts, a comprehensive curriculum, a ready-made professional network, and optimized learning environments which combine rigor and personal support in equal measure. If you’re ready to expand your practice on entirely new terms, visit our website to check out our courses, explore the benefits of our Aesthetics Network, and get started today! 

We look forward to training with you!