The Do’s And Don’ts Of Becoming An Aesthetic Registered Nurse

Aesthetic Registered Nurse

Becoming an aesthetic registered nurse means that you want to focus on treating patients who are receiving aesthetic treatments for cosmetic or health reasons. Working in the aesthetics field is a very rewarding career option that many medical professionals add to their practice for an extra edge. If you are looking into joining the aesthetics field or are just beginning your career, here are a few do’s and don’ts that you should know.

Do: Provide Detailed Consultations

Consultations are extremely important and play a significant role in deciding what treatment is ideal for your patient and if it is the right time. It is during these meetings where you will be able to evaluate your patient and determine whether their desired treatment is an option for them. You can also list alternatives if any are available.

Be prepared to answer any questions your patient may have and use simple language when detailing the specifics of a procedure or treatment, so they can fully understand what will happen and feel at ease. Make sure to discuss the patient’s medical history as well. 

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Don’t: Perform An Unsafe Procedure

As an aesthetic registered nurse, it is your duty to recognize which patients should be treated and which should not. Going through with an aesthetic treatment on a patient who shouldn’t have been approved may not only lead to serious medical issues, but also unhappiness with the outcome of the procedure on the part of the patient. You can also open yourself up to legal issues, which could tarnish your professional credibility.

To prevent an unpleasant scenario with a client to whom you denied treatment, explain your professional medical reasoning behind your decision. You are already aware of the potential risks and implications of a particular treatment better than your patient. Never accept monetary tips from patients who are insistent on receiving a treatment that you believe is not right for them. Listen to yourself when your expertise is telling you not to treat a patient and remain confident that your decision is best.

Do: Continue Your Education

To become the best in your field, you can never stop learning or learn too much. Continuing your education is one way you can ensure your career’s success. An additional aesthetic course or seminar can help you stay up to date with the latest technologies and techniques. Investing in the right aesthetic training programs and equipment can keep your practice current and ahead of the competition in aesthetic medicine.

Don’t: Assume You Know It All

Because you are a certified aesthetic nurse, you still need to adhere to certain guidelines and stick to treatments you are familiar with until you have more experience. Many botched cases have occurred because the provider wanted to do something they were not qualified for. Popular treatments are desirable to perform but some are much more difficult to complete successfully than others. Some areas can be more forgiving with errors, but others can take on permanent damage if not treated correctly. Take your time and have patience so you can gradually and successfully rise to the top of your field.

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Do: Take Care Of Your Patients

Keep your patients informed and break down what they can expect during recovery. They need to know if they will need to schedule time off from work and if so, for how long? Will there be any specific restrictions while they are healing? They may experience residual tenderness, redness, and sensitivity, but most clients can return to their regular schedule right after the procedure. It is important to walk your patients through the procedure step by step for pre- and post-care.

Don’t: Abandon Your Patients Afterwards

Leaving your patients to deal with the effects of their procedure alone is bad for your business. Not communicating well enough can open up many errors and risks that will affect all parties involved. If your patients cannot trust you to help them through their treatment, they will most likely go somewhere that they feel more comfortable and recommend that location over yours. There are a number of great reasons to become an aesthetic registered nurse make the switch to the aesthetics field. Just like the importance of the things you should do, it is just as important to know what you shouldn’t do. Visit the AAAMS Network to learn more tips about advancing your career in aesthetic medicine.