Want More Independence In Your Nursing Career? Botox Training Is the Answer

botox training can give nurses more independence in their career

If you’re an RN, NP, or PA, it’s almost certain that you get your marching orders from someone senior to you. (And that they get their marching orders from someone senior to them.) Especially if you work in a hospital, you’re well aware of being just one rung on a very, very tall ladder. And you’re also well aware of the tightly controlled protocols and procedures designed to keep things running smoothly. Last, you’re well aware (at least on bad days) that you sometimes feel like a cog in a giant, impersonal machine: a machine that often overburdens you and your fellow nurses with unrealistic expectations, inadequate resources, and long, unpredictable hours. 

If all of this is hitting close to home, Botox Training may be the answer to adding more independence, autonomy, enjoyment, and work/life balance to your nursing career. 

How does becoming certified in this increasingly popular procedure make such a difference in your professional life? Let’s take a look! 

Botox Training Can Give You More Career Independence 

When you enter the exciting field of aesthetic medicine by getting a Botox certification, a wealth of new job options rapidly begin to appear. No longer are you more or less stuck in an incredibly regimented, bureaucratic hospital environment or clinical complex that tends to dictate your every move. By expanding your skill set, more choices open up, and with more choices comes greater independence and control over your career.  

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Botox Training Can Give You More Career Autonomy 

Working in aesthetic medicine can give you more career autonomy for two reasons. First, Botox and dermal filler injections don’t pose life-threatening complications, are almost always performed on healthy clients, and involve somewhat subjective aesthetic assessments. This means you have a lot more leeway when it comes to using your own best judgment and mapping out a safe and effective treatment plan. Second, if you’ve ever dreamed of unleashing your entrepreneurial spirit and becoming your own boss, Botox training can lay the groundwork for opening a successful medical aesthetics practice. 

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At AAAMS, our industry-leading platform has prepared more than 5,000 students worldwide for successful careers in aesthetic medicine. When you train with AAAMS, you get a rigorous-yet-rewarding aesthetics training program with world-class instruction and virtual learning options. And as you move closer to certification, you’ll also receive hands-on experience and personal supervision that will ensure you can perform Botox injections safely, effectively, and artfully. 

As popular as our aesthetic courses are, the thing you might enjoy the most is the AAAMS Aesthetics Network, which is a lot like LinkedIn, only exclusively for aesthetics professionals. When you’re first starting out in aesthetic medicine, it can be especially beneficial to connect and professionally network with like-minded practitioners who are sharing your journey. We created the Aesthetics Network because we know that success in any field depends on much more than acquiring and mastering new skills. It depends equally as much on access to peer support, mentorship opportunities, on-demand learning resources, participation in industry events, and other career-building activities. (And you’ll find all of this and more when you become a member!) 

Botox Training Can Give You More Career Enjoyment 

The environment you work in can have massive and often under-recognized impacts on your mood, sense of well-being, and career enjoyment. Consider this: When you walk into a hospital, the aesthetic is cold, sterile, impersonal, out of scale, and about as far from comforting as you can imagine. (And for those with an eye for beauty, weeks, months, and years of working in this kind of environment can take a significant toll.) 

But when you walk into almost any med spa, the focus isn’t on fighting disease but rather on creating an experience of wellbeing. That’s why you can count on finding all the comforts that are missing from hospitals: warm lighting, aromatic scents, calming music, artful decor, and even light refreshments. Just on its own, moving from the cold sterility of a hospital to the warm personability of an aesthetics practice can make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your career.

Botox Training Can Give You More Work/Life Balance 

Rest and recovery after any demanding activity are critical to maintaining your physical and mental health. Ironically, however, up to 70% of nurses report experiencing work-related fatigue, stress, and burnout so severe that they consider changing professions. 

Fortunately, aesthetic medicine plays by a whole different set of (much healthier) rules. Almost all aesthetics practices are open only during traditional banking hours (9 am–5 pm, Monday through Friday). When you make a career pivot into aesthetic medicine, your days (or maybe years) of long, unpredictable hours are over. You’ll get your nights and weekends back, and you’ll be able to look forward to having holidays off. 

Ready for a Nursing Career With More Independence, Autonomy, Enjoyment, and Work/Life Balance? AAAMS has Got You! 

Begin your new career adventure with us at AAAMS! Visit our website to learn more about us, explore all the benefits of our Aesthetic Network, find out why we’re the aesthetics industry’s premier training platform, and enroll in a course today! A better, brighter, and more rewarding nursing career is in your future! 

We look forward to training with you!