Dr. Jeff Huang received his training in dermatology from Mackay Memorial Hospital after his graduation from National Taiwan University. He is a board-certified doctor in both internal medicine and dermatology. He has extensive experience in cosmetic dermatology; mainly in the fields of lasers, non-invasive, and minimally invasive procedures. He is currently the president of iBeauty Clinic in Taipei, the international speaker for Galderma and Merz, as well as the international trainer of many energy-based devices. He travels to China and Southeast Asia frequently to share his techniques and experience with both physicians and beauticians.

Dr. Jeff Huang is also a dedicated volunteer. He went to Kiribati (islands in the Pacific ocean) in 2008 to diagnose and treat tropical skin diseases. In 2009, after a catastrophic typhoon in Myanmar, Dr. Huang volunteered as a medic. In 2011, he joined an international trip to Gambia, organized by Mackay Memorial Hospital, to help with medical services. He sometimes visits rural orphanages and rural areas in Taiwan to offer free medical services.

Dr. Jeff Huang is a member of the Taiwan Dermatology Association, Taiwan Internal Medicine Association, American Academy of Dermatology, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and Taiwan Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.