Aesthetics 101: The Ultimate Guide To AAAMS’s CE Accredited Aesthetic Training


Accredited aesthetic courses through The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) offer a variety of comprehensive programs that will get all of its students one step closer to achieving their career goals. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certification to inject Botox, dermal fillers, and be able to perform chemical peels.

There are a couple of options offered by AAAMS that are made to suit your needs. There is a hybrid program that is part online and part in-person, and a virtual program that is all remote learning. These courses are made for practitioners with little to no experience in the aesthetics field and are split up into two days. Either one you choose, you will learn all the skills necessary to perform injections on patients. There is a wide availability of upcoming dates for the courses that you can choose from to start your training.

Hybrid Course

The Aesthetics Training 101 hybrid course starts off with a virtual and interactive learning experience. The class will be a video conference setting, meaning you will learn live with the teacher and other students at the same time. You will receive a lecture on facial anatomy, proper injection techniques, how to avoid complications, and more. A Q&A session is scheduled after each lesson. On day two, you will attend training at the AAAMS headquarters in Beverly Hills, California for a full day of live, hands-on training. All students will practice on live patients and mannequins. An educator expert in the field will individually coach each student for a uniquely personal experience. After the presentation of each clinical case, a Q&A session is also scheduled. Class sizes vary due to COVID-19 regulations.

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Virtual Course

The virtual version of the course goes over the same material and is similar in structure. On the first day, you will have a video conference lesson and go over several topics regarding aesthetics just like the hybrid course. A Q&A session will follow. On day two, you will join class virtually to participate in a full day of one-on-one and hands-on botox and dermal filler training. The educators and other students will be able to observe your performance on a lifelike mannequin head and improve your skills. You will also perform an assessment, marking, and injection technique on a local resident volunteer model. A Q&A session will also follow. 

All the materials and medical supplies needed will be shipped to you at no extra cost. By choosing a virtual course, you are saving time and money on flights and hotels. Since this is a live class, you will still have to register for a time slot that will work for you.

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Completing the Course

After successfully completing the course, you will receive a framed certification at the in-person class and an emailed certificate from the virtual course. With all the proper knowledge and certificates to inject patients, you will be able to start performing aesthetic procedures on a wide range of clientele. At AAAMS, we are eager to educate future aesthetic practitioners. Register for Aesthetic 101 Training to receive the knowledge and certification to treat patients today!