Benefits Of Online And/Or Social Communities For Botox Practitioner

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Community in the workplace is an important part of any profession. People need to feel a sense of belonging, be it in their personal or professional lives. This includes Botoxs practitioners. For many, finding a physical group that meets regularly isn’t possible. Busy work schedules and extracurricular commitments make it difficult to join an in-person organization focused on sharing Botox information. 

Fortunately, the internet has made a virtual community a viable option and, not surprisingly, there are many, many online forums, social media sites, and spaces where those who give Botox treatments can meet, discuss, share, and find a place to talk shop.

Why should a botox practitioner join or follow one of these online communities? 

Continuing Education

One of the best ways to stay on top of the latest and greatest technology isn’t through simply signing up for educational newsletters, but via word of mouth from trusted experts in the industry. And that’s just as pertinent to Botox practitioners as it is to bakers hearing about new techniques from other bakers or hair stylists learning about new hair dryers from other beauticians. These onlines spaces are an open market for free thought where Botox practitioners can not only hear about a new resource or tool, but get their community’s opinion on it.

Legal Compliance

For anyone working in healthcare, compliance with the law is paramount and anyone doing aesthetic work is well aware of this. But rather than reaching out to an attorney each time you have a question, why not call on other Botox practitioners to offer their advice? That’s easy to do in an online or social media forum where people who have experienced similar situations can quickly  answer your questions.

Have a Laugh

Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine and if we all couldn’t have a laugh about our jobs once in a while, what would be the point? But in the specialized world of aesthetic treatments, your friends and family might not get the joke. Other Botox practitioners, however, will absolutely understand and a social media site or forum can be a fun place to share stories and see the humor in some of the sillier sides of the job, which is just another way of saying that these community forums can provide a means of self-care that every practitioner should have in place.

So what are some great online and/or social communities for botox practitioners?

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine Surgery Facebook Page 

Providing the best in both in-person and online aesthetic education, the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine Surgery (AAAMS) works to teach individuals around the globe the art of aesthetic treatment. But in addition to its classes, AAAMS has a robust Facebook page where Botox practitioners can stay up to date on research, continuing education opportunities, and new technologies.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Today doctors, nurses, and even dentists can become credentialed Botox practitioners, but the treatment began with two dermatologists in Canada, according to Macleans. From there, it eventually made its way into the realm of plastic surgery, so keeping up with breakthroughs in that field is important. An easy way to do so is to follow the American Society of Plastic Surgeons of Instagram. Here Botox practitioners can join a community of some 42.3k followers who look to the organization for new insights and updates on the field and can also connect to other doctors in their area who are members of ASPS for more information.

Aesthetics Journal 

Finding like-minded professionals in the botox field can be tricky, but by following an organization like Aesthetics Journal on Twitter, doctors and nurses will discover a community of practitioners who value data-based research and staying on top of new technology. This is a great organization to follow not just for timely updates but also for opportunities for continuing education in person. 

The Aesthetic Society 

The Aesthetic Society was formed in 1967 to be a “ board-certified plastic surgeons who are solely dedicated to the art, science, and safe practice of aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine of the face and body.” And to that end, members enjoy a community where they can learn about how to handle a multitude of factors pertaining to their botox practice from how to manage before and after photos to access to the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. 

Botox YouTube channel

Don’t discount YouTube as a social media community. This Botox site offers videos for practitioners and potential patients to learn all about the product, it’s effectiveness and safety. It’s also a tool that botox practitioners can use to better communicate with other doctors and their patients. 

The takeaway? Botox practitioners should look online to find communities of professionals working in the aesthetic treatment field to help support their own work and grow their treatment skills.