5 Ways Physician’s Assistants Can Take Advantage of The AAAMS Aesthetic Network Membership

Aesthetic Network Membership

AAAMS has provided top-tier education and certification courses to thousands of physicians, registered nurses, and practitioners since 2006. This institution has set the standards for aesthetic and cosmetic surgery training in order to ensure uniform excellence in the care of patients all over the world.

By becoming a member of the AAAMS Aesthetic Network, you will have exclusive access to content unavailable anywhere else. There are three tiers for membership:

  • Basic Membership
  • Associate Membership
  • Fellow Membership

Here are five ways medical professionals can take advantage of what the AAAMS memberships have to offer.

Build Your Professional Network

With the AAAMS membership, you will have 12-month access to professionals who may live near you, share similar interests or specialties, and can offer their expert perspectives as often as you need them. You will be able to build an exclusive network where you can share experiences, challenges you have overcome, and ideas centered around our shared mission of providing excellent aesthetic care to our patients. Inspiration may strike through thought-provoking dialogue, and you can even learn new skills and techniques to add to your own practice.

Access To Forums

Your membership will grant access to informative online forums where you can participate. Included are the Journal Club forum, a review and discussion of the latest articles in Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery, and the Aesthetic and Medical Culture Talks forum, a discussion about innovative and novel techniques and breakthroughs.

Members with an Associate or Fellow membership will have access to an additional forum: Ask the Educator, where members may share clinical cases, get guidance from experts in aesthetics, and receive feedback from peers.

Discounts And Savings 

You can receive a discount on a 30-minute one-on-one consultation with an aesthetic medical professional ranging from 10-50%. (The discount is valid for one consultation per month.) Another discount can be applied to the Hybrid or Virtual Aesthetics 101 (AES 101) training course ranging from 10-20%. 

Members with the Basic or Associate membership will have discounts on most AAAMS training courses. Fellow members will have discounts on all training courses.

Free Access To The 4R’s of Facial Rejuvenation

Associate and Fellow members will have free access to the 4R’s of Facial Rejuvenation, an online, self-paced course. This course introduces participants to the concept of facial beautification, the facial aging process, and how to apply the 4R’s of Aesthetics to restore beauty and youth to the face. 

Quarterly LIVE Access

Associate members will receive a 25% discount on the quarterly live, virtual clinical case presentation, demo, and discussion. Hosted on Zoom, participants will gain inside knowledge and experience that won’t be found anywhere but AAAMS. Fellow members will have free access to this event.An AAAMS membership is beneficial in a variety of ways and is valid only for currently licensed medical professionals who are 18 and over. If you are interested in expanding your network of professionals and want more experience to add to your practice, join the AAAMS Aesthetic Network now!