Yes, You Can Do That With Botox. Why Botox Training is More Popular Than Ever


Almost everybody has heard of Botox—the brand name for the original and best-known neuromodulator on the market. And if you were to ask random people on the street what Botox does or what it’s for, almost everybody you talk to will say something to the effect that it erases wrinkles.  And they’re not wrong. But […]

10 Reasons a Botox Certification Will Elevate Your Nursing Career

Are you an RN, NP, PA, or maybe even a dentist or doctor who’s been thinking about adding Botox certification to your resume? If so, you already have a good sense of some of the ways it can benefit your practice. But Botox certification can bring benefits you may have never even considered, and we’re […]

Botox Certification Is Faster, Easier, and More Affordable Than You Might Think

botox certification is faster, easier, and more affordable than NPs, RNs, or PAs may think

You know how it is. You have this great idea or goal that you’re completely lit up about and determined to achieve. Say, remodeling your kitchen, crossing that dream destination off your bucket list, adopting a puppy, or getting certified in Botox.  And then months or maybe even years go by, and you’re still sitting […]