6 Skills Every Aesthetic Practice Looks for When Hiring an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Being in the aesthetic profession can lead to a very lucrative career. Professional nurses are already prepped to thrive with basic skills from their education and can continue to grow their careers with the right know-how in the aesthetics industry. Like all nurses, aesthetic nurse practitioners assist patients in maintaining their overall health and well-being. […]

How to Become A Certified Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners often step into leadership roles and assume additional patient care responsibilities beyond those of a standard nurse. While they don’t perform surgery, they do treat patients with common procedures like botox injections, laser treatment, and sclerotherapy for removing varicose veins. Nurse practitioners must undergo higher schooling and additional aesthetic training because these procedures […]

How Aesthetic Training Can Benefit Nurse Practitioners’ Careers

aesthetic training

As the aesthetics field grows, nurses are taking notice, and for good reason. Nurses are in a great position to train with experts and learn about treating patients. They have the medical experience that positions them to consult with patients and work with doctors. At AAAMS, aesthetic training courses have helped many nurses, doctors and […]