5 Reasons Aesthetic Practitioners Should Enroll in the AAAMS Facial Mannequin Training Program

aaams mannequin training

At AAAMS, we have prepped thousands of medical professionals to enter the aesthetics field through the most comprehensive range of aesthetic training courses. Our mission is to ensure uniform excellence in the care of patients all over the world. Because of our commitment to setting the standard in aesthetic medicine and surgery training, here are five reasons why aesthetic practitioners should enroll in the AAAMS Facial Mannequin Training (MANN 201).

Realistic Simulation Training

You will need to understand how to properly treat your patient without running the risk of complications or poor performance. In this course, you will train with a facial mannequin to recreate the feeling of administering injectables to a patient. The facial mannequin offers the look and texture of human tissue, so you will become accustomed to the way the skin feels and responds before treating your actual patients. The mannequin will also aid you in familiarizing yourself with surface marking and injection techniques, which we will talk about next.

Learn Injection Techniques

Depending on the desired look of your patient, you must know a range of techniques to give them what they want. Perfect your facial aesthetics injection technique by training with Botox and dermal fillers. In the Facial Mannequin Training program, not only will you learn how to properly mark the skin, but you will also learn the techniques required to achieve any look. You will learn how to mark and inject virtually every area of the face and gain a better understanding of which techniques will be the most effective in each instance. With a vast repertoire of injection techniques, you will always have a solution for your patient’s treatment.

Improve Communication With Patients

A great aesthetic practitioner will be able to answer any questions their patients might have about future aesthetic treatment. During the initial consultation, you will need to know how to effectively communicate the details of what will happen during that treatment and what the recovery may look like. By practicing with the facial aesthetic mannequin technique, you will be able to demonstrate the procedure step-by-step and reduce some of the stress your patient may be feeling. You can even help your patient decide if their desired treatment is right for them or if they should look at a different option. 

Free One-Year Membership

Included with the provided equipment for this course is a free AAAMS Basic Membership for one year. This membership will include a certificate, discounts on additional training courses, and access to the AAAMS Aesthetic network where you can connect with other medical professionals and share content, experience, and knowledge unavailable anywhere else. Visit our website for more information about the basic membership and the other memberships we offer.

Take Your Time

This course is four and a half hours long (with an optional 17 additional CE credit hours), but you can complete this training at the pace that best suits you. AAAMS wants you to get the full experience out of the training programs, so take your time watching and learning from the multiple training videos, demos, and case studies provided in the course. The MANN 201 course is extremely beneficial for furthering your practice and understanding facial aesthetics. Enroll in the Facial Mannequin Training Program and browse our other facial aesthetic courses today!