Why So Serious? How PAs Can Bring New Life to Their Practice With Aesthetics Training

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If you’re a physician’s assistant, you bring a wealth of training and expertise in treating disease. But what may have never occurred to you is that your training represents a ready-made foundation for easily incorporating a specialty that has nothing to do with disease and everything to do with helping your patients feel more confident. We’re talking, of course, about aesthetics training and the unique opportunities it holds for offsetting the gravity of your work with a newfound lightness that can make your practice even more rewarding.

To understand why many PAs find so much satisfaction in integrating aesthetic medicine into their skillset, we need to identify some of the “job hazards” that PAs face early in their medical careers and how they can leave lasting impacts on their attitudes and practice. 

The Job Hazards of Healthcare 

In 2012, Dr. Pauline Chen penned an opinion piece in The New York Times that quickly went viral. The headline? The Bullying Culture of Medical School. In it, Dr. Chen shined a light on one of medical schools’ best-kept secrets, describing tactics tantamount to emotional hazing that took an enormous toll on students’ mental and physical health. In her subsequent work, Chen makes the case that in order for students to cope while still maintaining high performance, many mute their individuality to avoid being singled out and begin operating on autopilot. Often, this pattern continues indefinitely, draining the life out of their practice and making them vulnerable to lower rates of career satisfaction.  

But Chen was hardly the first to criticize the health hazards of becoming a high-ranking member of the medical profession. For over two decades, select groups of physicians, healthcare experts, and forward-thinking psychologists have been sounding the alarm. The established norms of advanced medical training, they say, can run the risk of depersonalizing healthcare providers and patients alike. At the very least, they contend, it can make medicine and those who practice it much less than what they could be. And what they say is largely missing from medical training and practice is the spirit of joy, wonder, playful discovery, and a highly human relationship between provider and patient. 

Aesthetic Medicine—A Pathway for Unlocking Your Professional Potential 

Once the job hazards of advanced medical training are understood, it’s easy to see why many PA’s practices may have become all too serious. To be sure, medicine is serious business. But without “leaven to the lump”—without treatment applications that rely as heavily on humanness, hospitality, and artistic sensibility as on scientific rigor—it can be challenging to remain deeply inspired about your work and to unlock your true potential as a practitioner. 

At AAAMS (the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery), we are accredited, industry-leading aesthetics education experts. For more than 15 years, we’ve been training the next generation of aesthetics practitioners. But perhaps our biggest point of pride lies in delivering Botox and filler training programs and learning experiences that are as positive and playful as they are rigorous and robust. We believe that the whole point of aesthetic medicine is to help people feel wonderful—provider and patient alike. 

We also believe that a combination of stimulating challenges and high levels of support results in optimized learning environments. It empowers students to grasp key concepts more quickly (and enjoyably), master new skills, and develop themselves personally and professionally—all while bringing new life to their practice. 

The AAAMS Aesthetics Network—Support Throughout Your Journey 

While we strive to maximize your learning experience in the classroom (virtual or otherwise), we also understand that what happens outside of the classroom may be even more important. That’s why we created the AAAMS Aesthetics Network—a dedicated professional networking platform that instantly connects you with your fellow AAAMS classmates, instructors, and industry experts. You’ll never be without support along your aesthetic journey. (The Aesthetics Network also gives you access to mentorship opportunities, job listing and referrals, industry news and events, on-demand webinars and other specialized learning resources, discounts on AAAMS courses, and much more.)

If lending newfound lightness to your career path while also attracting new patients to your practice is an appealing proposition, we invite you to visit our website to learn more about why you’ll love training with us. Explore our courses, become a member of our welcoming community, feel re-inspired about your career, and unlock your professional potential. 

We look forward to meeting you!   

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