What’s It Like to Be an Aesthetics Nurse? Here’s a Peek Into the Profession

peek into the profession of an aesthetics nurse

Are you an RN, NP, PA, or another type of healthcare practitioner who’s been thinking about making a move to aesthetic medicine? Have you spent late nights googling “Botox and filler training courses”? Have you found yourself wondering what it’s really like to work with aesthetic patients? If so, this piece is for you! We’re going to let you listen in on a real-life patient-provider interaction to give you a peek into the profession. 

Building Trust Between You and Your Patient 

“I’m kinda nervous about this,” says Sarah, a pretty 40-something mother of three teenage boys and a regional manager for a large bank. “I don’t want to look ‘done.’ I don’t want anything dramatic or too obvious. But I also want to be able to see a significant difference. Does that sound crazy? I guess I want to have my cake and eat it too!”

“Not crazy at all,” laughs Madison, the aesthetics nurse Sarah is speaking to, nodding in sympathetic understanding. “I totally get it, Sarah. You want your dermal fillers to look really natural—you want to make sure we don’t overdo it. But you also want to be sure we use enough product that you look unmistakably and visibly refreshed. Basically, you want to look like the best possible version of yourself. Is that right?” 

Sarah’s shoulders relax, and she emphatically responds, “Yes, that’s exactly what I want! I feel much more assured now that I know we’re on the same page! Thanks so much for listening and helping me feel at ease.” 

“Of course!” responds Madison, “That’s what I’m here for!” 

Taking a Collaborative Approach to Treatment

“Now,” says Madison to Sarah, let’s talk about how to give you the result that’s going to make you love the way you look. To help me create the perfect treatment plan for you, Is there anything, in particular, you’d like to address or share with me?” 

“Well,” replies Sarah, “I’ve been noticing these weird shadows under my eyes—or what I thought were shadows—only to realize they’re more like depressions. I’d love for you to address that. I feel like there’s something else that’s making me look a little more worn than I actually feel, but I can’t put my finger on what it is.” 

“Ah, yes,” says Madison, “you’re exactly right about those shadows not being shadows. You’re seeing the effects of volume depletion under your eyes, and we can easily replace that volume with a product called Restylane that will give you wonderful results. 

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As I assess your facial anatomy, what I notice first is your high cheekbones and the vibrant blue of your eyes—there’s a lot to appreciate here!” 

Here, Madison pauses, further assessing Sarah’s face, using the principles of the Golden Ratio as taught to her in her aesthetics training to identify areas of potential improvement. She immediately notices a prominent area of volume loss in Sarah’s temples—the thing that Sarah couldn’t put her finger on.   

Getting the Green Light for Treatment

“Sarah,” says Madison, “I think you will be thrilled with your results if we also give some love to your temples, restoring the volume in this area with a product called Juvederm Voluma. Treating your temples will give you twice the bang for your buck. Let me show you what I mean.” 

Here, Madison gives Sarah a handheld mirror so she can see for herself what Madison is referring to. 

“See how the sweeping line of your cheek kind of disappears into the hollow of your temple?” asks Madison. (Here, Madison gestures to the junction between these facial elements.) “We’re going to restore that line. Even though we won’t be treating your cheeks, by treating your temples, we’ll restore the symmetry between them. This will have the effect of making your cheeks look fuller and your entire face more balanced and refreshed.” 

“Ohhh,” says Sarah, “My temples! I see what you mean! It makes so much sense when you explain it to me. Now that I feel like I know where we’re going with my treatment, I think any nervousness I felt is just turning to excitement. But I still don’t relish the injection part.” 

“It is exciting, isn’t it?” affirms Madison. “And don’t you worry—the products we use have numbing solutions included in them. The pain will be relatively minor and only momentary, though you may be a little sore for a week or so. But before we even begin, we’re going to make sure you’re nice and iced up to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. Do you feel ready for us to begin?” 

“I’m ready!” says Sarah. 

Treating Your Patient 

From here, Madison takes over, putting to work all the specialized aesthetics education she’s received. To safely, effectively, and artfully perform Sarah’s dermal filler treatment, she draws on her comprehensive training in…

  • Facial anatomy
  • Age-related patterns of volume loss
  • Mathematical and artistic principles that guide facial assessment and treatment
  • Treatment contraindications
  • Proper injection technique and product application 
  • Post-treatment care

While she performs the treatment, Madison keeps Sarah appraised of how things are going and what to expect. (“You’re going to feel a little poke, possibly a quick sting, and then just some pressure.”) At one point, when Sarah winces slightly from the momentary sting, Madison reassures her, “You’re doing great, Sarah, everything’s going well, and we’ll be finished in no time.” 

As she continues to treat Sarah, Madison takes satisfaction in watching the nearly instant transformation of Sarah’s appearance as she restores volume in her tear troughs and temples. She feels herself growing increasingly excited about the results she’s achieved for Sarah, confident Sarah’s going to be incredibly pleased with what she sees. 

The Big Reveal

This is Madison’s favorite part of working with her patients—the part where she hands them a mirror, and they get to see the results of their treatment. 

“Beautiful,” affirms Madison. “Just beautiful. I think you’re going to love it. Ready to see for yourself?” 

Madison hands Sarah the mirror so Sarah can see the difference that dermal fillers have made. 

“Oh my gosh,” says Sarah. “Wow. Like, wow. You’re right. I love it! I can’t believe what a huge difference it makes! And I still look like me… only better! Thank you so much! I just can’t believe how happy I am with how this turned out!” 

“You’re so welcome!” effuses Madison. “You really do look beautiful, and now you know why this stuff is so amazing and why I think I have the best job ever!” 

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