6 Things You’ll Learn From The AAAMS Facial Mannequin Training Program

Mannequin dermal fillers and botox course

Facial Mannequin Training is a comprehensive Botox training course that provides an overview and demonstration of Botox and neurotoxins. It is a 4.5 hour virtual, self-paced program with an optional 17 additional CE credit hours. There is ample equipment provided including free one-year membership to continue your education beyond this class. Here are six things you will learn from this course. 

The Aging Process

From an aesthetics perspective, facial aging can be understood as a progressive and predictable loss of volume and skin elasticity. Understanding how the skin naturally ages can greatly benefit you as a medical professional, and it will help you perform aesthetic procedures in a way that will achieve the most natural look. 

How To Use Your Equipment

Knowing how to use the tools at your disposal lessens your chance of error and allows you to do your best work. You will be provided with syringes and two different types of needles. It is important to know which equipment is necessary in different areas of the face for specific treatments. Giving your patient what they want in a way that is effective and safe for both you and them is very important.

Injection Techniques

Perfect your facial aesthetics injection technique with Botox and dermal filler training. In the Facial Mannequin Training program, you will learn a range of techniques to give your patients their desired look. You won’t just learn how to properly mark the skin—you will also learn the techniques required to achieve any look. You will learn how to mark and inject virtually every area of the face and gain a better understanding of which techniques will be the most effective in each instance. With a vast repertoire of injection techniques, you will always have a solution for your patient’s treatment.

Facial Analysis

It is important to know how to properly treat your patients without running the risk of complications or poor performance. In this aesthetic course, you will train with a facial mannequin to recreate the feeling of administering injectables to a patient. The facial mannequin offers the look and texture of human tissue, so you will become accustomed to the way the skin feels and responds before treating your actual patients. The mannequin will also aid you in familiarizing yourself with surface marking and injection techniques, which we previously discussed.

The Clinical Uses of Botox And Dermal Fillers

In this program, you will learn the multiple ways botox and dermal fillers can be used for non-invasive aesthetic treatments. Because the face is constructed of multiple regions with various nerve blockings, it is important to understand if Botox or dermal fillers will work best in a specific area. The areas you will need to know how to treat can range from crow’s feet to glabella lines to marionette lines.

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How To Use The Facial Mannequin For Consultations

After having some practice with the facial mannequin, you will be able to better explain multiple aesthetic procedures to potential patients. During the initial consultation, you will need to know how to effectively communicate the details of what will happen during the treatment and what the recovery may look like. 

A step-by-step demonstration with a mannequin will help alleviate some of the stress your patient may be feeling. You can even help your patient decide if their desired treatment is right for them or if they should look at a different option. You will be able to answer any questions your patients might have about future aesthetic treatment.  

The Facial Mannequin Training Program can benefit medical professionals in many ways. Learn more about the program and how you can enroll today!