Botox and Lip Augmentation Styles—And The Facial Aesthetic Training Courses To Learn Them

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It used to be that if an aesthetics patient wanted a prettier pout, the approach was fairly straightforward. If all went as planned, patients would walk away with a bigger and better version of their original lip shape, but not necessarily the lip shape they most coveted. 

But thanks to techniques that combine Botox and dermal filler injections in new, more complex ways, a prettier pout is now a much more customized affair. While a patient’s existing lip and facial anatomy must always serve as a guideline for delimiting lip augmentation, a wider range of lip styles is now achievable for almost anyone. 

The Hottest Botox and Lip Augmentation Styles

The Lip Flip 

The lip flip is performed using only Botox. As its name suggests, this approach causes the upper lip to slightly “flip” or “roll” outward, amplifying a patient’s existing lip contours without changing their shape. The lip flip is incredibly popular because it’s relatively inexpensive and—when performed correctly—produces an exceptionally natural result. The lip flip is frequently combined with the lip styles we’ll review below.

The Classic 

Subtle, elegant, and never out of style, the Classic approach to lip augmentation boosts what nature has bestowed or, in aging patients, restores the volume that time has taken. Known for its superiority in preserving the five naturally existing lip planes, the Classic is the approach of choice for those who defy fads with fidelity to classic lines and timeless beauty.

The Rubina

This style takes the contours of the five naturally existing lip planes to their outer limit, representing the fullest lips that can be achieved without aesthetic compromise. (Any volume that is added beyond this point will create a cartoonish result.) Because the Rubina is not only maximally voluminous but also produces greater vertical height than any other lip augmentation style, only patients with an adequate length between their nose and chin should be considered viable candidates for this look.  

The Cupid

The contour of the Cupid is considered the rarest of naturally occurring lip shapes and is generally found only in pre-adolescent females. It presents with pronounced central fullness in both the upper and lower lip. In almost all adults, it should generally be performed only on those who retain classically childlike features. 

The Pearlique

This style is achieved by accentuating the twin teardrops that form the lower lip. Because the Pearlique is limited to the lower lip, it can be beautifully combined with other styles. 

The Hollywood

For those who love common celebrity lip styles, the Hollywood is the approach of choice. By boosting the three forms of the upper lip—the twin, tapered rhomboids, and the half bucket at the center—the Hollywood may rank as the most blatantly attention-grabbing lip style. 

The Angelic

Like the Hollywood, the Angelic is created by injecting only the upper lift. But in contrast to its celebrity cousin, this lip style is innocent, approachable, and decidedly “ingenue.” For patients with narrow lip width but considerable upper-lip volume, the Angelic approach results in a pout with the aesthetic poetry of two angel wings. 

More Lip Augmentation Styles Mean Greater Challenges and Greater Risks 

With an expanded range of possible lip augmentation styles comes an expanded range of challenges and risks of poor aesthetic results or functional complications. Though caution is warranted with any aesthetic procedure, back when achieving fuller lips was more “paint-by-number,” there was less margin for error. This highlights the need for high-quality Botox Training and Dermal Filler Training courses in order to safely and effectively perform a wide range of lip augmentation styles. 

How RNs Can Learn to Safely and Effectively Perform the Latest Lip Augmentation Styles With Facial Aesthetics Training

If you’re a licensed RN (or NP or PA), you’re already qualified to begin the Botox and dermal filler training that will give you the knowledge, skills, unlimited peer support, and confidence you need to grow your practice with lip augmentation. 

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Ready to begin your journey into medical aesthetics or enter deeper into this exciting field? We’ll be with you every step of the way, and look forward to training with you!