5 Big Career Benefits Nurse Practitioners Can Get From a Dermal Filler Training Course

Are you a nurse practitioner who’s interested in or curious about aesthetic medicine? Do you find that your patients are inquiring about whether you offer Botox or dermal filler treatments? Maybe you’ve been a long-time fan of medical aesthetics and have been thinking about integrating them into your practice? If you can relate to any of this, you’re likely an ideal candidate for dermal filler training! 

The market for medical aesthetics is enjoying massive growth, and the treatment applications for dermal fillers are expanding. At AAAMS, we make it incredibly easy for you to take your first step into dermal filler training with affordable, self-paced, online courses that let you learn on your own schedule. And as you jump into your course, you can expect it to give you five big career benefits! Let’s explore them below! 

Five Big Benefits of Dermal Filler Training

  1. Dermal filler training infuses new life into your practice. 

Learning a new skill is inherently energizing. Engaging a fresh subject and stretching beyond your comfort zone infuses new life into your practice. And frankly, medical aesthetics can be as enjoyable to learn as it is to practice. After all, is there anything else you can think of that melds art and science in such a unique and personalized way?  

  1. Dermal filler training is a cost-effective way to build your business. 

Because aesthetic medicine picks up where your current skills leave off, you’ve already laid the groundwork for your success. In other words, you can begin your dermal filler training course without the time or expense of needing to pursue additional licensure or credentials. This makes dermal filler training a smart and cost-effective investment in your business with significant opportunity for ROI. 

  1. Dermal filler training makes you a more desirable job candidate. 

Dermal filler training is a great thing to add to your resume. It signals to prospective employers that you’ve taken the initiative to expand your skills and invest in your career development. This makes you more likely to beat out otherwise comparable candidates that lack evidence of this ambition. And more to the point, adding dermal filler training to your resume increases your earning power.   

  1. Dermal filler training enhances your job security.

The more diverse your skillset, the more job options you have. And the more job options you have, the more job security you enjoy. And consider this—because medical aesthetics involve elective procedures typically sought by demographics with considerable discretionary income and purchasing power, they are remarkably resilient to economic downturns and other widespread disruptions. For example, at the peak of the global pandemic, the demand for medical aesthetics increased. Moreover, market reports forecast high growth rates in aesthetic medicine between now and 2028. 

  1. Dermal filler training helps you grow your professional network.

Networking is not only an essential part of professional development, it’s also something that can play a huge role in your sense of career satisfaction and even your mental health. One of the best things about dermal filler training with AAAMS is that it gives you access to the AAAMS aesthetic network, a first-of-its-kind online platform that connects you with other aspiring or practicing aesthetics professionals! This network gives you instant access to hundreds of others who share your journey into aesthetic medicine, providing unlimited peer support, ongoing connections, and referrals that fuel your personal and professional success!  

Ready to get started with your virtual aesthetic training? 

If you’re a nurse practitioner, taking a dermal training course really is one of the easiest ways to infuse new life into your practice, build your business, increase your earning power, enhance your job security, and grow your professional network. 

AAAMS has helped thousands of medical professionals advance in the exciting field of aesthetic medicine! As a top accredited leader in aesthetics and non-invasive cosmetic surgery training, we bring the latest knowledge, tools, and training for a successful career in medical aesthetics! Visit us today to learn more and get started! We look forward to training with you!