Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder? Dermal Filler Training Reveals the Answer

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You know the saying: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” 

But is it? Is beauty really all that subjective? Are there any standards by which beauty can be objectively assessed and measured? Or is beauty little more than just a matter of personal opinion? 

While it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (we all have our unique idea of what’s attractive), it’s equally true that these ideas (for all their diversity) fall into the broader mathematical concept of Phi. (Which is decidedly non-subjective.) 

In other words, whether you favor brown eyes over blue, brunette hair over blonde, or a lithe physique over a more voluptuous one, these preferences can still be understood with reference to a mathematical principle known as the Golden Ratio. 

The Fascinating History of the Golden Ratio

The mathematics behind the Golden Ratio has been known since antiquity, and it has influenced and guided the creation of many of the world’s artistic and architectural masterpieces. The Golden Ratio is said to reflect what has been called the “ideal proportions of nature” as seen in any living thing (such as a human being, a flower, a tree, or a broader ecosystem). 

When these principles are applied to the built environment (architecture or other human-made objects), the result is some of the world’s most famous structures: the Sistine Chapel in Italy, Taj Mahal in India, Kinkakuji Temple in Japan, Hagia Sofiya in Turkey, or Adal Sultanate in Somalia. (But the Golden Ratio can also be expressed in much less grand, ordinary-yet-extraordinary ways, such as seen in the famous fairy tale cottages of Carmel-By-The-Sea.)  

And when the principles of the Golden Ratio are applied to humans, the result is some of the world’s most famous faces: Freida Pinto, Jennifer Lopez, Lupita Nyongo’o, Jamie Chung, and Margot Robbie—each indisputably and uniquely beautiful.  

The fascinating thing is this: these structures and faces couldn’t be more different, yet they each conform perfectly to the Golden Ratio. So, the remarkable thing about this principle is that it provides a mathematical basis for grasping the idea of unity in diversity: how it is that we can have our personal and culture-specific ideas about what’s beautiful while still discovering a unifying principle that ties all these differences together as expressions of a larger whole. (In other words, the Golden Ratio tells us that diversity isn’t at odds with unity, it’s actually an expression of it.) 

But what does this have to do with aesthetics training? As it turns out, everything. 

The Golden Ratio and Aesthetics Training

The Golden Ratio plays a central role in aesthetics training. How? By teaching you to apply its principles to facial geometry. In practice, the Golden Ratio can be understood as a template for assessing human physiognomy to have an objective, mathematical reference for achieving more idealized facial proportions. 

The amazing thing about the Golden Ratio is that even though it serves as an objective reference point, there’s nothing cookie-cutter or paint-by-number about it. When you conceptually overlay the Golden Ratio on a client’s face in order to create a unique treatment plan for them, the result is not a reduction or erasure of their individuality but an enhancement and optimization of it. That’s the beauty (no pun intended) of aesthetic medicine. When guided by the Golden Means and performed skillfully, Botox and dermal fillers do nothing more than leaving clients looking like the best, most refreshed versions of themselves.  

The Golden Ratio Lies at the Heart of Our Approach to Aesthetic Training

AAAMS (The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery) is the industry-leading platform for excellence in aesthetics education. At the heart of each of our courses lies the Golden Ratio and its application to your work as an aesthetics practitioner. Looking through the lens of the Golden Ratio, you’ll learn to identify the distinct characteristics of the face at different phases of life and understand the aging process as a progressive deviation from the ideal proportions of the Golden Ratio. Using the principles of Phi, you’ll learn to essentially reverse-engineer the aging process by restoring or boosting facial volume in the areas from which time has taken it. 

But you won’t only learn to replace what’s been lost. Using the Golden Ratio, we’ll also teach you to geometrically “reconfigure” facial proportions—not only adding volume but strategically adding subtle shape and dimension that is often lacking even in youthful faces. A good example of this reconfiguring aspect of aesthetic training can be seen in the various lip styles that can now be created with a judicious combination of Botox and dermal fillers.  

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Ready to Take Your First Step Into the Fascinating World of the Golden Ratio?

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