Top 5 Concerns Of Aesthetic Patients And How You Can Put Them At Ease

Aesthetic Patients

Aging is inevitable and will happen to all of us eventually. That is why the demand for a smoother and more youthful look is at an all-time high. Aesthetic procedures can help rejuvenate the skin making it look and feel like years have been shaved off. Although they are non-invasive, aesthetic procedures are still procedures nonetheless and can cause potential patients some concerns. It is important for your patients to feel as comfortable as possible when deciding whether or not an aesthetic procedure is right for them. Here are the top five questions your patients may ask and how you can put their minds at ease.

Is The Injector Qualified To Treat Me?

A patient may want to know about their injector’s training, experience, and commitment to patients’ safety. If you were not recommended by a friend or someone your patient trusts, then they may require more evidence of your legitimacy. Place your botox certifications where your patients can see them. Hanging them on a wall or having them framed on a desk or bookshelf. This will show your potential patients that you are certified and what you are certified in. 

Discuss your background with potential patients as well, explaining what you are certified to do and what the procedure they are interested in entails. This can be done during the initial consultation or a follow-up meeting. Try to establish a cordial relationship to alleviate any lingering tension as well.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Non-invasive procedures, such as Botox injections, come with little to no risks. However, complications are always a concern, and your patients must understand every aspect of a procedure before committing to it. Outline the risks involved, but be sure to clarify how unlikely the risks are. Then, put your patients at ease by explaining the processes in place to deal with unexpected events in the operating room. Remind them about your credentials and let them know that if they decide to go through with the procedure, they are in good hands. 

What Will Be The Total Cost?

Because most cosmetic procedures are considered elective, they are not typically covered by insurance and are not cheap. Your patient will want to know approximately how much they will be spending. Each patient’s situation is unique, and the price for a procedure will vary depending on the specific needs and goals. 

Break down what they will be paying for, including pre-op and post-op care. Your patient may want to think about their options so provide them with a detailed, individualized fee quote so that you can more easily discuss the costs and payment options. 

When Will I See Results?

Different results depend on many factors, including the desired treatment, the age of your patient, their lifestyle, and more. While the results of some procedures are immediate, others can take a few days to see the full effect. With non-invasive procedures, the more you continue receiving treatment, the more long-lasting the results will be. 

There are general timelines that can shed some light on when your patient will start seeing the effects of the procedure and when they can expect a final result. Provide them with realistic timeline ranges so that they can plan accordingly. 

What Will My Recovery Look Like?

Every patient needs to understand the details of the recovery process to decide whether this is the right time for them to have a cosmetic procedure. Will they need to schedule time off from work and if so, for how long? Will there be any specific restrictions while they are healing? Keep them informed and break down what they can expect during recovery. They may experience residual tenderness, redness, and sensitivity, but most clients can return to their regular schedule right after the procedure. Aesthetic treatments are a big commitment, and it is very important to answer all of the questions your patients may have. Be a part of the AAAMS Aesthetic Network to learn more about aesthetic training and the benefits it can provide for you and your practice.