Looking for High-Quality Botox Courses in Mexico or Taiwan? You’re in Luck!

AAAMS offers botox courses in Mexico and Taiwan

All over the world, the medical aesthetics market is booming! From New York to Bogata to Shanghai to Dubai, more and more healthcare professionals are breaking into this exciting field with medical aesthetics training. But if you’re a medical practitioner in Mexico or Taiwan, it can be tough to find high-quality, accredited, accessible aesthetics instruction in Botox injections and dermal fillers.  

But the AAAMS can change all of that. Since 2006, we’ve provided aesthetic training taught in five languages across seventeen countries. We’ve successfully trained more than 5,000 physicians, nurses, and other practitioners with our practical, easy-to-understand approach to aesthetic medicine. As the leading, fully accredited, aesthetics training platform, we set the standard for educational excellence and break new ground by launching the next generation of aesthetic practitioners.

Botox Training Gives You Five Big Benefits  

When you become part of the AAAMS family, you can expect five big benefits to your career: 

  1. A renewed sense of excitement about your work that comes from combining art and science in highly personalized ways.  
  2. An expanded range of job options and opportunities. 
  3. Greater job security and satisfaction. (The market for medical aesthetics is highly resistant to economic downturns.)
  4. The ability to grow your business with low upfront costs and high ROI. (Injectables are a highly profitable addition to your medical practice.)  
  5. Instant access to a supportive community of peers and experts with the AAAMS Aesthetics Network. 

Why You’ll LOVE the AAAMS Aesthetics Network 

The AAAMS Aesthetics Network is a social and professional networking platform that instantly connects you with aspiring and established aesthetics practitioners. This allows you to meet professionals who share your interests and identify those who may live near you. Essentially, the Aesthetics Network is just like LinkedIn, only it’s exclusively for aesthetics professionals! You can think of it as a centralized hub for accessing ongoing peer support and learning, mentorship opportunities, industry news and breakthroughs, job referrals, and more.  

The Aesthetics Network is available to all AAAMS members and includes… 

  • Significant discounts on AAAMS training courses 
  • Forums where you can explore aesthetics questions, share your stories and struggles, discuss real cases, and get feedback from trusted peers and experts
  • Quarterly live events like the Aesthetics Masterclass and Virtual Clinic to help you take your learning to a whole new level
  • The Journal Club, where you can discuss the latest research articles and new aesthetics techniques
  • … And much more!

AAAMS offers three different tiers of membership that all include access to this amazing support for the medical aesthetics journey. 

Beginning Botox or Dermal Filler Training is Easy 

If you’re a currently licensed medical practitioner, you’re already qualified to begin AAAMS training in Botox injections and dermal fillers. With virtual and hybrid aesthetic courses to choose from, you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our courses are designed to be comprehensive yet highly accessible, and each of our courses is taught by accomplished and influential industry leaders. 

No matter where you are in the world, we can help you successfully break into the exciting world of aesthetic medicine. Visit our website today to learn more about how we can support your career adventure. We look forward to training with you!