Are You a Good Fit for Botox and Dermal Filler Training? Take this Self-Assessment to Find Out

Botox and dermal filler training self assessment

If you’re an RN, NP, PA, or even a doctor or dentist who’s been curious about Botox and dermal filler training but haven’t been sure if it makes sense to enroll in a course, we’re here to help you find out! 

But first, let’s get something out of the way. Botox and filler training are a better fit for some more than others. And we at AAAMS should know. AAAMS (The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery) is the industry-leading platform for fully-accredited aesthetics training with more than 5,000 successful students worldwide. But just because we’ve built our business on becoming the industry leader in medical aesthetics training doesn’t mean that medical aesthetics is necessarily optimal for you or your business. 

At AAAMS, we are committed to building genuinely win-win professional relationships. This means that for our business to succeed, we need your business to succeed, and that’s why we’ve created the following self-assessment. It will ensure that before you ever enroll in any of our popular aesthetics courses, you’ll be confident they’ll benefit you and your practice! 

Five Questions for Finding Your Fit! 

Personal connections with patients are the best part of my career. 

A: Very true – I’m a huge people person, and if there was little more to my job than patient interaction, I’d be overjoyed. The more opportunities I get to build lasting relationships with my patients, the better!  

B: Somewhat true – I love serving my patients, but it’s probably my relationships with my coworkers or colleagues that I enjoy the most. 

C: Not true – I really care about my patients, but I’m not a big “people person.” It’s the medical/science aspect of my job I find most rewarding.  

How my environment looks, feels, smells, and so forth have big effects on me, for better and for worse. 

A: Very true – A space’s design and ambiance is something that really stands out to me and has an immediate and significant impact on my mood. That goes for my living space, my favorite restaurants, retail shops, my workplace, or anywhere.

B: Somewhat true – I care about how my living and working space looks, and of course, I can appreciate a well-designed environment as much as the next person, but the impact on my mood is pretty negligible. 

C: Not true – Honestly, I don’t pay much attention to aesthetics or design. Sometimes I’ll hear patients comment on how “cold” or “sterile” clinical environments can be, and I get it. But for me, it doesn’t factor at all into my sense of wellbeing. 

 I’m really tired of having to work long shifts, unpredictable hours, and assume more duties without commensurate pay. (And the office politics?! They’re killing me!) 

A: Very true – When I first started nursing, I had boundless energy, but my stress levels are sapping my love for the profession, and I’m starting to experience burnout. It’s gotten to the point where I either have to find a new specialty or maybe even change careers.

B: Somewhat true – Yeah, my career can be stressful, but it’s pretty manageable, though I do wish there was a way to get my schedule under better control, and boy, would I love to have weekends off!  

C: Not true – Thankfully, my nursing job comes with a predictable schedule, reasonable hours, and weekends off. Plus, everyone in my workplace gets along great, and I feel well compensated for any additional responsibilities I might accept.  

I would like to reinvigorate my career with an opportunity to combine art and science in highly individualized ways. 

A: Very true – It’s the artistic side of myself that’s missing from my career. I’m often told that I have an artistic eye (or aspire to develop one). I really wish there was more opportunity to express this part of myself in my work in a way that would also benefit my patients.

B: Somewhat true – It would be nice if my work gave me more of a creative outlet, but it’s not something that’s super high on my list of career aspirations. 

C: Not true – I don’t think I have an artistic bone in my body, and I’m just fine with that! I’m all about the science. That’s my happy place. 

 My current nursing or medical practice lends itself to attracting my target audience for aesthetics procedures. (This question applies only if you want to expand your existing practice vs. making a complete career pivot into aesthetic medicine.)

A: Very true – I currently have a female-centric practice composed of high numbers of individuals with discretionary income.

B: Somewhat true – I have a good mix of ages and patients, and I’m confident that many of them will be interested when the word gets out that I’m offering aesthetics procedures. 

C: Not true – I currently work in pediatrics, gerontology, or some other medical specialty where little to no patients fall into my target audience. 

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What Your Self-Assessment Says About Whether Aesthetics Training is Right for You and Your Practice: 

Now that you’ve completed the self-assessment, let’s unpack the implications of your answers!

A Answers

If more of your answers fell into the A category, it’s very likely Botox training and Dermal Filler training will hugely benefit your career. (In fact, we’re so confident that aesthetics training will be such a massive win for you and your practice that we’d urge you to check out our courses and enroll right away. It might even be life-changing!) 

B Answers

If most of your answers fell into the B category, Botox training and dermal filler training can still be a fantastic fit for you and your practice. (Although you may have to work a little bit harder at it than your A-category peers.)

C Answers

If most of your answers fell into the C category, it’s possible that Botox and dermal filler could be right for you and your practice, but it’s less likely. 

Ready to Begin Your Next Career Adventure?  

Visit AAAMS today to learn more about what makes us so unique (be sure to check out the amazing benefits of our Aesthetics Network), peruse our courses, and enroll today! We deliver an incredibly robust, rigorous, yet fun and engaging training experience taught by world-class instructors and influential industry leaders. We will give you the knowledge, skills, confidence, and professional network you need to succeed in the exciting field of aesthetic medicine. 

We look forward to training with you!