Top 5 Reasons You Should Apply To Become An Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Aesthetic nurse practitioners perform their work in an aesthetically focused clinic. They work alongside physicians who specialize in aesthetics to adhere to their patient’s wants and needs. A younger appearance, fuller lips, lifted brows, and many other modifications can be made by an aesthetic nurse practitioner. 

You may be considering becoming an aesthetic nurse practitioner due to being burnt out from the high-alert and stressful environment of the hospital. You may also be someone with a nursing degree who knew from the start that you wanted to pursue your career in aesthetics. Whomever you may be, this career will allow you to use what you’ve learned in school along with using your true creativity to create a fulfilling career for yourself. 

The Environmental Differentiator 

The traditional environment you expect for a nurse is much different than that of an aesthetic nurse practitioner. This career usually takes place in the clinical environment of a medical spa instead of a hospital as most would assume. There are physicians who choose to perform their work in private practice with operating rooms for plastic surgery. Otherwise, most outpatient aesthetic procedures are performed at a medical spa.  

The environment to expect for an aesthetic nurse practitioner has a different tone and feel than hospitals. The amount of work within a day should still match that of a nurse in a hospital but in a less stressful environment. A great addition to this specific occupation is that you know what you are getting into each day; how many appointments, duration, procedures. Hospital nurses live by a much more unpredictable work schedule. 

What Type of Patients You Can Expect

There’s an assumption that there is a very specific patient population in the aesthetically focused field. This assumption is less valid as diversity continues to arise in the cosmetic industry. The popularity in aesthetic procedures continues to rise as individuals in their 20’s get lip filler, botox, and many other aesthetic procedures. Before now, it was typically middle-aged individuals aiming to reduce the appearance of aging, but now increasingly younger individuals aim to prevent aging. 

Some people come for more medical needs than modifications. For instance, patients with extreme cases of acne undergo a lot of pain and may need a specific procedure to prevent and reduce the appearance of scarring. Others may undergo a lip filler injection procedure because it is the current trend in beauty. Whatever the reason may be, the aesthetic nurse practitioner is satisfying the patient’s wants and needs, helping them feel more confident in themselves. 

Daily Tasks and Routine 

The clinic in which an aesthetic nurse practitioner works determines their daily tasks. A medical spa will typically place the aesthetic nurse practitioner in demand of almost everything in the clinic; scheduling appointments, consultations, confirming details with clients. This role allows for ownership of their own medical spa based on state law. 

Surgery centers owned by physicians require a different list of daily tasks. Aesthetic nurse practitioners help with recovering patients and assistance during surgery. 

Regardless of the environment, the aesthetic nurse practitioner can expect to work mostly with their patients, whether it is scheduling an appointment or helping them recover. The hours are traditional and don’t typically involve calls and holiday workdays. 

Training Certifications

Training certifications can be quick and impactful in an aesthetics career. AAAMS offers an array of courses for current and future Aesthetic Practitioners looking to certify in Botulinum Toxin (Botox) and Dermal Fillers Injections with botox training and dermal filler training courses. These online programs range from focusing on just one procedure to learning several procedures and techniques at a time. 

Our CE Accredited Facial Aesthetics 101 Series course combines Botulinum Toxins 101 and Dermal Fillers 101 with an Introduction to Aesthetics course. The purpose of this series is to provide participants with an extensive introduction and proper foundation to understand facial aesthetics.

This thorough Aesthetic training series is intended for those practitioners searching to gain an understanding of facial aesthetics and learn the varying treatments in aesthetic medicine. Participants learn the foundation of facial anatomy and physiognomy, along with botox and dermal fillers.

AAAMS makes a nurse’s switch in focus less time and right to work in a specified medical career field. Find out what other aesthetic courses we have to offer for aesthetic nurse practitioners.