Why Nurses Around the Globe Love Aesthetic Training With AAAMS

Why Nurses From Everywhere Around the Globe Love Aesthetics Training With AAAMS

What city are you reading this blog from? Los Angeles? Taiwan? Mexico City? Berlin? Bogota? Dubai? Wherever you are in the world, if you’re looking for the best of the best online aesthetic training platforms, you will love training with AAAMS—The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. 

Don’t let the American part of our name fool you. With a diverse, international faculty, we’ve delivered our aesthetics courses in five languages across 17 countries. And we’ve successfully trained more than 5,000 nurses, doctors, and dental practitioners who hail from everywhere from Saudi Arabia to Syria to Tijuana to Beverly Hills! 

Two Big Reasons Why Nurses Choose AAAMS Over Other Aesthetics Training Platforms

Many aesthetics training platforms enable you to obtain your Botox and filler training and certification online, so what makes AAAMS so special? There are two main differences between AAAMS and other platforms that make us the top choice for nurses worldwide.  

We Set You Up for Success

Our success is judged by our students, which means we design courses, create learning environments, and provide resources that set you up for success. We design our courses to be rigorous yet practical by making complex concepts easy to grasp and understand. We deliver world-class instruction and focus on creating learning environments that are warm, welcoming, supportive, and playful. 

Success isn’t only about what happens in your courses. It’s also about the support you receive before and between them and after graduation. That’s why we created the AAAMS Aesthetics Network. There’s nothing else in the industry like it. It instantly connects you to hundreds of other aspiring and seasoned aesthetics practitioners in the AAAMS community, so you never feel alone on your aesthetics journey. It enables you to directly interact with your fellow students, ask questions, share your experience, find job listings, get job referrals, access specialized learning resources, keep abreast of industry news and developments, and even get discounts on your AAAMS courses. Plus, it’s simply a lot of fun to be a member of. 

We are Fully-Accredited Industry-Leaders With Extensive, Proven Experience

While there are many aesthetic training platforms to choose from, relatively few are fully accredited, and even fewer have the experience and reputation to rival AAAMS. Aesthetic medicine is a booming market, with med spas, beauty bars, and other aesthetic clinics garnering more than $3.1 billion in investment. To meet rising market demand, aesthetics training platforms are proliferating. This means that over the last five years (and increasingly so), dozens of new platforms have sprung up purporting to provide quality Botox and dermal filler training. While some are reputable, some are not, and it’s a much safer bet to select a platform with proven longevity and a trusted track record of success.

Since 2006, AAAMS has been pioneering the aesthetics industry. We were amongst the first to the industry and have continued to evolve our platform to remain at the forefront of the latest industry developments in our trade’s products, tools, technologies, and techniques. 

Listen to What Our International Students Have to Say! 

Visit our website, watch the brief introductory video, and hear what our international students say about why they chose AAAMS and why they’re glad they did. Follow us on social media to get a feel for how we take what we do very seriously while also having a lot of fun. Explore the Aesthetics Network to see all the fantastic resources it has to offer. (Beyond those mentioned in this piece.) Join our community, check out our courses, and take the first step into the exciting world of aesthetic medicine by enrolling in our mini-course, Intro to Aesthetics 101. (It’s the perfect way to test the waters of this rapidly-growing specialty.) 

Wherever you are in the world, you’ll love training with us!