3 Ways The AAAMS Aesthetic Network Supports Aesthetic Professionals

Aesthetic Network

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA, provides an online network for aesthetic professionals to meet with like-minded practitioners located around the globe. Professionals can network, learn from others, and participate in discussion forums. 

As a member of the AAAMS Aesthetic Network, you can explore the different ways aesthetic medicine can advance your career. Here are three ways the AAAMS Aesthetic Network supports aesthetic professionals.

Builds A Network

AAAMS provides a platform for passionate professionals in the medical community to network and communicate. In the aesthetic field, there are many great discussions to be had, from new technologies to innovative techniques. Through the AAAMS Aesthetics Network, you can meet professionals around the world who share the goal of broadening their knowledge. These professionals include experts and educators who can share perspectives on your thoughts and questions. You can also ask for feedback on different techniques and career advice, which can help both new and seasoned professionals grow.

Discounts On AAAMS Training Courses

Being part of the network grants members access to discounts on most of the AAAMS aesthetic training courses. For example, the Aesthetics 101 course introduces the basics of aesthetic medicine and includes certifications for Botox, Fillers, and Chemical Peels. The course includes virtual and hybrid options, so you can choose the one that best suits you. Furthermore, the discount for the Aesthetics 101 course, along with other courses, increases in conjunction with raising membership tiers. 

In addition to greater discounts, the higher tier membership also offers free courses to its members. As members grow in membership tiers, they maintain the discounts of previous tiers while receiving access to additional benefits. For instance, the Associate tier gives you FREE access to the 4R’s of Facial Rejuvenation, and the Fellow tier includes FREE access to Introduction to Aesthetics on top of the discounts of the Associate tier. These courses are designed to give learning professionals the skills needed to perform aesthetic procedures and consult with patients.

Discover Exclusive Content 

AAAMS Aesthetic Network members have exclusive access to a variety of content. For example, there are many forums for holding dialogue, including the Journal Club, a forum for discussing the latest articles from Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery. These articles are selected from prominent educational publications and journals, and they can update professionals on the latest breakthroughs in aesthetic medicine. This is a great opportunity for professionals to explore recent advancements in their field and learn ways they can grow their practice. Additionally, experienced practitioners can give their perspectives on the articles to help new professionals gain a better understanding of the emerging techniques and technology. Another popular forum is the Aesthetic & Medical Culture Talks forum. In this forum, members can discuss the rapid growth of the industry and how aesthetics impacts cultures. 

One-on-one consultations with aesthetic medical professionals are also offered to members at a discount. During these consultations, you can consult experts on questions you may have, from techniques to setting career goals. High-tier members also have access to virtual clinical case presentations, including live demonstrations and discussions.  
The AAAMS Aesthetic Network welcomes all members to participate and collaborate. There are endless possibilities for inspiration and learning when aesthetic professionals discuss their passion for their field. Explore the membership tiers and what AAAMS can offer you today.