6 Skills Nurses Need For A Successful Career In Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine Nurses

The aesthetic medicine field has experienced extremely rapid growth in recent years as many professional nurses are expanding their skill sets and joining the field. Having proper aesthetic training can offer career flexibility and a chance to earn more revenue. Professional nurses are already prepped to thrive with basic skills from their education, and they can continue to grow their careers with the right know-how in the aesthetics industry. Below are six skills you will need to ensure a successful nursing career in aesthetic medicine.

Anatomical Knowledge

As a professional aesthetic nurse you will already have a good understanding of the muscle, vessel, and nerve networks that are interconnected throughout the face and neck (even if your memory needs a little refreshing on the details). Learning how the face naturally moves and how aging affects the skin enables you to create a more natural yet youthful look when performing facial procedures. In aesthetic medicine, it is imperative that you commit the facial anatomy to memory in order to keep your patients safe and reduce the chance of risks in the future. 

Communication Is Key

A great aesthetic nurse professional will be able to answer any questions their patients might have and can effectively communicate every detail about an impending procedure and what the recovery will look like. The details of a procedure or treatment should be presented to the patient in simple language, so they can fully understand what will happen and feel at ease. Consultations are very important and play a significant role in deciding what treatment is ideal for your patient and if it is the right time. If you believe their desired treatment is not an option for them, explain why and list alternatives if any are available.

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Familiarity With Equipment

Knowing the tools at your disposal lessens your chance of error and allows you to do your best work. When working with injectables, depending on the area and desired look, you will have the option of using a traditional needle or a cannula, a flexible needle with a blunt tip. You also need to understand the different techniques you can utilize and what region of the face they will be most effective in. Giving your patient what they want in a way that is effective and safe for both you and them is very important.

Attention To Detail

When administering treatments, you need to have considerable attention to detail to ensure patient safety. Sloppy work or a botched job can be detrimental to your reputation and leave you open to legal issues. If any complications do happen to occur during a patient’s procedure, you need to know what went wrong and how to rectify the problem as swiftly as possible. Some issues are normal and can be easily fixed, so paying close attention prevents long-term damage or issues for your patients.

Investment Strategies

Investing in yourself as a professional aesthetic nurse will be beneficial in the long run. Continuous aesthetic training, including aesthetic courses, acts as a security blanket and helps you hone your skills to become the best in the business. Stay up to date with the latest technologies and techniques in aesthetic medicine to keep your practice current and ahead of the competition. To have a successful career in aesthetics, invest in the right equipment and training programs.


Compassion is empathy and caring in action. It gives us the ability to understand someone else’s situation and the desire to try and improve their lives. Procedures, non-invasive or otherwise, tend to make patients nervous, especially if it is their first time. All patients should be handled with care and compassion by their provider and put at ease for their approaching procedure. The aesthetic medicine industry will not only benefit your career, it will expand your skills and how you use them too. If you are thinking about joining the aesthetics field, take a look at the facial aesthetic courses offered by AAAMS.