4 Ways to Target the Right Audience for Your Aesthetic Medical Practice

Aesthetic Medical Practice

There is a lot of competition in the aesthetic medicine field. Hoping people will find your website while researching facilities for aesthetic treatments is not going to cut it anymore. While patients’ interest in looking youthful has grown significantly, so has the number of providers. Competition is fierce, so it is extremely important to strategically target your services to the right audience. To help you stick out from the crowd, here are four ways to target the right audience for your aesthetic medical practice.

Less Is Really More

Having too much information and too many options present for potential patients can be very confusing. It is important to have high-quality equipment, effective aesthetic treatments, and the extensive know-how and qualifications to perform these treatments, but leaving it all in the open can make it hard to navigate. Take a look at your aesthetic medical practice and think about the treatments you offer the most of the ones you confidently feel you can offer better than anyone else. For example, if patients come to you more for micro-needling, then push that service and make it your specialty of niche. Marketing the one thing you are best known for and what brings you the most business will be much more effective than trying to sell all of your services all at once.

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Go Against The Grain

You can’t expect to stick out from the crowd when you are promoting the same aesthetic treatment as everyone else in your area. Unless your treatment comes with a bonus or additional service, there is nothing that sets you apart from the competition. Fortunately, you have something else to offer: a different service. Instead of competing with others using an identical aesthetic treatment. Head in a different direction. If you need guidance on a new service or want to improve your skills, check out the aesthetic courses offered by AAAMS. 

Know Your Demographic

In addition to doing what your competition is not, you must know who your patients are and what they want. Focusing on a specific demographic can help you tailor the services you highlight and promote. If you want to focus on a predominantly female audience, listen to what your female patients want or would like to receive in the future. 

The same concept goes for a predominantly male audience as well. Men and women audiences can even be broken down by age as well to hit a specific niche of people. Your patient demographic could be in their mid-to-late 50s and complain about collagen loss and sagging jowls. If you’ve received the required Botox and filler training to administer injections, you could provide dermal fillers or Botox and promote their power to erase wrinkles and tighten the skin for a firmer, fresher look. Maybe your patient demographic is the new mom crowd with a desire to rejuvenate tired skin and look as youthful as they did pre-baby. Knowing your patients and their wants can increase your clientele and the likelihood your aesthetic medical practice is chosen over the next aesthetic professional.

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Build Up Trust

A new patient will most likely visit you for the first time based on your reputation, a Google review, or a friend’s recommendation. However, the trust you develop with that new patient is where patient retention is born. The number one way to build trust (besides offering superb aesthetic services) is by blogging. Blogging will help you develop trust because you will:

  • Build credibility. Writing about aesthetic topics you are familiar with can show your mastery and worthiness to patients and their search for the best.
  • Maintain relevance. Putting out relevant content on a regular basis and optimizing for SEO can help you rank higher in Google searches. Your chances of reaching your target audience are higher if you’re on page one rather than four or even two.
  • Strengthen relationships. Blogging opens up conversations and patients are more likely to return to the professional that takes their time and shares with them versus someone who seems rushed or disinterested. 

As patients’ needs continue to grow and evolve, so will the services and treatments you will need to keep them coming back. Stay successful and ahead of the competition by listening and knowing what your audience wants. 

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