Radiesse Training

Why You Should Take Radiesse Training and Offer It to Patients

When you are considering the different types of non-invasive cosmetic treatments that you can offer to patients, you are likely looking at Botox treatments. While Botox is a very popular treatment, you may wish to consider going through Radiesse training as well, to offer some of the great benefits that Radiesse has to offer your patients.

First, Radiesse training will show you how Radiesse does not dissolve into the body. This means that the injectable that you administer to the patient will not reduce in size over time. This is a big advantage to Radiesse, and it means that only touch up treatments will be needed in the future to maintain the look. And while Botox treatments can be performed to a point of unrealistic results, Radiesse offers natural results that last a long time after only a few visits, so a natural look is preserved. Finally, Radiesse offers very little downtime. After going through Radiesse training, you will be able to offer these treatments at all times of the day, as patients can have their Radiesse treatments and, aside from a little sensitivity, will likely not experience other side effects that could keep them from returning to work right away, such as swelling and redness.

As you can see, Radiesse training is a great investment in the future of your practice. If you are only using Botox as your injectable offering, you are missing out on the great advantages here offered by Radiesse. The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery can help you find proper Radiesse training, where you will learn the standardized procedures involved with administering Radiesse to patients. Contact the AAAMS if you are looking for Radiesse training, and invest in the future of your practice and expand your offerings.

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