More and More MDs are Incorporating Medical Aesthetics Into Their Practice and Pursuing Liposuction Training—Here’s Why

why MDs are incorporating liposuction training into their medical practice

If you’re like many MDs, you may be aware of the skyrocketing popularity of aesthetic procedures and even have considered incorporating them into your practice. If so, you’re not alone. More and more MDs seek liposuction training to augment their practice or pivot their career altogether, recognizing it as a powerful way to breathe new life into their profession while also increasing ROI. But what’s the business case for investing in liposuction training? Let’s take a look at each. 

  1. COVID Has Driven Unprecedented Demand for Liposuction and Other Cosmetic Procedures

Few doctors saw it coming. At the peak of COVID lockdown, demand for cosmetic procedures soared. And with the lifting of restrictions, a tsunami of pent-up demand caused the market for medical aesthetics to boom to a projected 2025 value of $15.9 billion. (That’s a CAGR of 10.9% from 2020!) Many liposuction surgeons face more demand than they can handle, with many patients waiting months to get in for a procedure.   

“People were beating down our doors to get in,” explained a Dallas-based board-certified dermatologist, speaking to the surge in demand for aesthetic procedures. Doctors have even reported cutting their family vacations short to stay on top of patient demand rather than risk losing them to competitor practices. 

2. The Not-So-Mysterious Reasons Behind the Surge in Demand

But why did demand for liposuction and other procedures surge during lockdown, and why did it serve to drive more positive attitudes towards these procedures? It turns out that the reasons aren’t all that mysterious. Explains one Los Angeles-based surgeon, “Plastic surgery is, historically, at its busiest during vacation periods—this is when we always see the biggest spike in cosmetic procedures because people aren’t going into work.” While no one would be eager to compare lockdown to a vacation, it did provide an extended window of “nobody-has-to-know” time for patients seeking discreet aesthetic procedures. 

Moreover, as an article by the BBC put it, “Lockdown and remote work has meant hours of staring at our own faces on video calls—and prompted interest in going under the knife.” In other words, the “Zoom Phenomenon” has made many more people hyper-conscious of their appearance. Enhancing one’s appearance is no longer the accepted province of celebrities, TV personalities, and other public figures. Now, it’s for all the hundreds of thousands of professionals that now, too, find themselves needing to be camera-ready on a daily basis.  

3. Advancements in Liposuction Techniques, Technologies, and Training Approaches Have Lowered the Bar for Entry 

Advancements in liposuction have made it possible for physicians without a background in plastics to perform this procedure safely and effectively.

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That said, whether liposuction training will serve to successfully augment your practice, solidify your professional reputation, and boost your ROI depends significantly on the quality of instruction you receive. That’s why when you enroll in aesthetics training with the AAAMS, you can be assured of partnering with one of the world’s leading, fully accredited professional bodies and platforms for tumescent liposuction and other aesthetic procedures. Since 2006, we’ve delivered top-tier hybrid training for MDs that combines virtual instruction with hands-on experience. 

What’s more, when you train with the AAAMS, you’re instantly connected to hundreds of aspiring aesthetics practitioners and seasoned professionals through our Aesthetics Network. (A central online hub for accessing ongoing peer support, mentorship opportunities, special training events, industry news and extensive clinical resources, discounts on AAAMS courses, and much, much more.) 

If you’re ready to capitalize on booming market demand and breathe new life into your career with liposuction training, visit us today to enroll in one of our aesthetic courses and take the first step of your adventure into aesthetic medicine! We look forward to training with you!