How To Grow Your Aesthetic Practice in a Competitive Economy?

Aesthetic Practice

Deciding to add aesthetic services to your practice should be a pretty straightforward decision. With treatments like botulinum toxin (Botox) and dermal fillers in huge demand, it makes sense that a physician or dentist would see the value in offering patients a one-stop-shop for their health needs. But how can a doctor, dentist, physician assistant, or nurse scale their practice to make their aesthetic work profitable in a competitive economy?

In this guide, we’ll look at ways an aesthetic practice can set itself apart, build its patients, and make its offerings stand out. 

  1. Understand who your patients are

Becoming an expert in the field of aesthetics is only one part of building a successful aesthetic practice. Understanding your patients is essential to making aesthetic offerings work. So how can practice do that? Begin by collecting, organizing, and studying demographic information about your patients. Statistics on gender, age, socioeconomic information, and occupation will help you better market your services.

  1. Tailor your treatments to meet patient demand

You might offer the best chemical peels in the world but if that’s not what your patients are looking for, what’s the point? Give patients what they want by tailoring your treatments to meet their needs. This can be determined through surveys and assessments either via paper handouts or virtual quizzes online or via social media to get a better understanding of what your patients really want. 

  1. Encourage repeat visits

Aesthetic treatments, such as Botox or dermal fillers, require maintenance visits. Give your patients every reason to continue to visit your practice for all of their aesthetic needs by making them feel special. This can include virtual appointment reminders, promotional offerings, birthday discounts, or even membership programs. Make patients aware that they’re not just a number, they’re a valuable part of your practice.

  1. Build Trust

When it comes to aesthetic services, patients are looking for practices with strong reputations. By sharing research, innovations, and data with patients, you can reassure them that your practice is using the most up-to-date information and technology available. 

As Forbes reported in 2019, “The concept of trust is important in healthcare because health and healthcare, in general, involve an element of uncertainty and risk for the vulnerable patient who is reliant on the competence and intentions of the healthcare professional.” 

One way to get this message across is through blogging. Practices that share information with patients via blogs or newsletters can build their reputations and improve their search engine optimization at the same time, which in turn can make their practice easier to find online.

  1. Learn from the experts

There’s no better way to glean invaluable information about how to run a successful aesthetic practice than by learning from experts in your field. One of the best ways to do so is to enroll in The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery’s (AAAMS) aesthetics training course “Introduction to Business of Aesthetics.”

In this online, self-paced program, students will participate in a one-hour class that helps attendees understand their business goals so that their practice can thrive in the medical spa space. A great accompaniment to AAAMS’s online aesthetics training program, in tandem this curriculum can put a provider well on their way to launching their aesthetic services.

During this program, attendees will learn about the benefits of social media, developing an aesthetic patient portfolio, and six proven steps to success.

  1. Build Relationships

Getting the word out there about your aesthetic practice begins with word of mouth from reputable partners. Aesthetic service providers should embrace networking opportunities with businesses that handle complementary offerings such as health and wellness businesses as well as cosmetic artists. With a shared goal to help improve patients’ self-esteem, joining forces for promotions and events is a great way to share your services with a wider audience.

  1. Educate Your Staff

To ensure that your practice is transparent, empower your staff by educating them in your aesthetic service offerings. In addition, enrolling your staff in aesthetics training for nurses, to perform aesthetic services can expand your offerings even further.

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And you can find great training with AAAMS. Offering certification courses for RN’s, you can grow your aesthetic practice and give your staff great continuing education time at once. For instance, AAAMS’ virtual CE Accredited Aesthetics Training 101 lets nurses become proficient in Botox, dermal fillers, and chemical peels, all from the comfort of their own computers. A great investment that can make your aesthetic offerings even more robust.

Ready to make your aesthetic practice as competitive as possible? These seven tips can start you off on the right path. From there it’s just a matter of investing in the best accreditation and continuing education possible. That’s as simple as enrolling with AAAMS, a leader in the aesthetics field. 

To learn more, head to for a complete course catalog, detailed curriculum, prices, and all the information you need to get started.

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