The Evolution of Beauty: Why Botox and Dermal Filler Training are in Such High Demand for RNs and NPs

Why RNs and NPs enroll in botox and dermal filler training

Anybody who claims that “beauty is only skin deep” hasn’t taken a look at the latest research. After all, ample scientific evidence reveals beauty serves essential evolutionary and social functions. Evolutionary biologists, evolutionary psychologists, and social scientists alike tell us that beauty—the visual perception of balance, symmetry, and vitality most often associated with youth and health—confers significant advantages. As human beings, we intuit these advantages, which may explain why Botox and dermal filler injections—and the aesthetics training needed for performing them—are in such high demand.  

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The Evolutionary Advantages of Beauty

Research into evolutionary biology draws clear ties between facial beauty, mate selection, and reproductive advantage. For both humans and animals, beauty serves as a visual marker for assessing potential reproductive partners. Whether this is displayed as the bright plumage seen in male birds or in the human beauty rituals designed to maximize perceived attractiveness, evolution favors reproductive pairings between partners in peak health. After all, from an evolutionary perspective, the offspring of beautiful (young, strong, virile, and well-proportioned) pairings are more likely to survive and thrive than those born to less healthy parents.  

In this sense, beauty is a built-in yet unconscious metric with which human beings assess health and wellness. Aesthetic “biomarkers” such as clear, firm, glowing skin correlate with youth and, therefore, peak health. And many fascinating studies suggest that the single most reliable aesthetic biomarker for health throughout the lifespan is a waist circumference that measures proportionately smaller than hip circumference. 

While humans no longer have to chase down their dinner with spears or survive childbirth complications without the benefit of medical assistance, the evolutionary advantages of beauty remain firmly encoded into our DNA. 

The Social Advantages of Beauty

Compared to their less attractive peers, people perceived as beautiful enjoy significant (and admittedly unfair) social advantages. As sad it may be, research studies repeatedly show that beautiful people are perceived as having more moral worth—to be inherently more “good,” more valuable, and more deserving of care—than those who lack their aesthetic charms.  

On balance, research also shows that people are more likely to protect beautiful people from harm and to judge them as kinder, smarter, and more successful. And while beautiful people might not be kinder or smarter, they are often more outwardly successful. (Part of this has to do with the fact that beginning in early childhood, beautiful people are more likely to receive social affirmation and enjoy greater social opportunities. This, in turn, tends to result in higher degrees of confidence and greater social access—both of which play critical roles in achieving success.) 

The perception of beauty even plays a role in climbing the career ladder. A study from the University of Buffalo School of Management (which has since been repeatedly replicated) found that “beautiful people are more likely to get hired, receive better performance evaluations, and get paid more.” Moreover, many studies have found that the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are significantly taller than the average man. (In males, height tends to be perceived as a significant component of physical attractiveness.) While beauty says absolutely nothing about innate intelligence or ambition, it does point to the powerful effects of positive social grooming early in life. 

How RNs and NPs Can Take Advantage of the High Demand for Botox and Dermal Fillers

Of course, Botox and dermal fillers can’t increase height, but they can restore the appearance of youth or simply improve upon what nature has bestowed. This fact is increasing the demand for aesthetic services, and many RNs and NPs are recognizing the opportunity to expand their practice with Botox Training and Dermal Filler Training. And because these practitioners already possess many of the skills needed for expanding their practice with aesthetic medicine, a Botox or dermal filler training course can be a particularly savvy way to advance their career.   

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