Dentists Guide To Choosing The Best Botox® Training Program

Though the idea may seem confusing, dentists are ideally qualified to inject botulinum toxins (Botox®), given the proper botox training. And more and more are seizing the opportunity. In fact, the practice has been available to dentists for a decade, The Baltimore Sun reports when “regulatory boards authorized the use of botulinum toxin — known under the popular brand name Botox.” 

And it makes more sense than you might think. Isn’t dental care partially an effort to have a beautiful smile? Rejuvenating the face goes hand in hand with that goal which is why so many dentists are getting trained in the treatment. Incidentally, in 2015 Nevada became the first state to allow dental hygienists to use facial injectables, according to Dental Products Report, a sure sign the treatment will only grow within the dental field. 

The reasons to add Botox certification to a dentist’s continuing education courses are many. First, there’s patient demand. As Botox at the dental office becomes more normalized, patients are going to request such services and dentists need to be prepared to offer it. Second is the fact that additional income from Botox can give dentists the cushion they need to space out general practice patients, allowing them more one on one time with every individual they serve. And finally, there’s the feeling of having helped a patient be their best self by lifting their self-esteem with minimally invasive anti-aging measures.

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So how can a dentist choose the best botulinum toxin (Botox®) training program?

Here’s what each dentist should consider.


Just like you did when you were selecting a dental school, dentists need to carefully consider the program they choose to be trained at for Botox treatments. That means finding an organization that delivers a curriculum created by the very best in the industry founded in science and in compliance with every health and safety regulation. 

For that, dentists can turn to The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. AAAMS, for short, has trained over 5,000 medical practitioners since its start in 2006. Under the leadership of President Sam Assassa, M.D., AAAMS, has delivered practical, clear-cut courses to individuals around the world, training the next generation of aesthetic medicine leaders.

So it won’t come as any surprise that AAAMS offers many CE accreditation courses where students won’t just learn aesthetic anatomy, techniques, and skills, but will be rigorously trained and tested in order to operate out in the real world following graduation.

At Your Own Speed

For so many dentists, acquiring Botox training is a matter of finding the time. With busy schedules spent drilling and filling, it’s understandable that many dental health practitioners might be stymied by how they could fit it in. But AAAMS makes it easy. Offering both in-person and virtual courses, dentists can fit their Botox training to their life. 

With online aesthetic courses especially, the at-your-own-speed allows dentists to self-pace ensuring that they can complete the course when they’re ready. This option also avoids additional costs, like expensive flights and hotels to study Botox in-person. Instead, that money saved can go to other efforts, like advertising new Botox offerings and training assistants in preparation for a Botox treatment rollout.

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Botox training need not cost a dentist the same amount they paid to get their DDS. As it turns out, Botox training at AAAMS is remarkably affordable, especially when you consider that the average treatment costs $400 to $500 per area, according to Allure

AAAMS provides an online aesthetic training program, which requires a two-day commitment, is just $2,750 — an enrollment fee that could be recouped with just a few Botox treatments upon completion.

Expertly Designed

Arguably the most important consideration a dentist needs to make is how well decided a Botox course curriculum is. Does it cover the latest research? Offer new techniques? Deep dive into facial anatomy? AAAMS checks all those boxes thanks to the experts who work to make its courses as well written and designed as possible. 

Not to mention the fact that virtual hands-on training ensures that dentists will have an opportunity to test their skills as well as ask their burning questions with some of the most respected practitioners in the aesthetics industry. 

Follow Up Support

One and done is no way to approach new medical training and AAAMS understands that. That’s why it’s created a support system and network of practitioners available to help dentists continue offering Botox treatments after they’ve completed their training programs. 

The AAAMS Aesthetic Network ensures that dentists have a community to lean on so that they can not only get help with medical questions, but with business ones as well and learn from their peers on how to optimize their new training to best serve their patients and their practice. 

Ready to find the right Botox course to fit your busy dental practice? Visit AAAMS for a full course catalog, detailed enrollment information, and guidance on how to apply.