Aesthetic Courses for Botox and Dermal Fillers That Can Open the Door to Your Dream Career


Botox and filler training and certification are super fun, fast, easy, and affordable. And for tens of thousands of nurses, this has suddenly become a big, big deal. Why? To understand, we need to back up a bit and provide some context. 

From Dream Career to Nightmare

Everybody wants to find their dream career—a way to earn a good living that truly interests, inspires, and meaningfully challenges them. And if you’re a nurse, your career path probably started out feeling that way—at least that’s what the research says. Research shows that most nurses completed their RN training feeling optimistic and excited about what was to come. In fact, many nurses began their careers with a deep sense of purpose to the point of feeling like nursing was a personal calling. 

But a huge percentage of nurses now feel that their dream career has turned into a nightmare. How do we know this? This is what nurses are increasingly reporting, and they’re leaving the profession in droves. As many as 90% are considering hanging up their scrubs, and this has little to nothing to do with challenges related to actual patients. Instead, it has everything to do with exploitative working conditions and hospital greed, and tens of thousands of nurses are faced with redefining—and finding—their dream careers.  

The Challenge of Making a Career Pivot

Even in the best of circumstances, making a career pivot can be daunting. And for the many nurses who have reached the point of burnout, finding a dream career can seem all but impossible. (Once you’ve been pushed to the point of quitting your job or thinking seriously about doing so, it’s not like you’re brimming with hope for your future or optimistic about finding a job you’ll love.) After all, making a career pivot can mean multiple years of new training, five-figure tuition expenses, burdensome student loans, and feeling that in order to go forward, you have to go back to square one and start all over. 

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But it doesn’t have to be like that. Not at all. 

Your Dream Career May Be Closer Than You Think

Consider this: What if you could stay in nursing but actually love what you were doing? 

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What if you didn’t have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to enter the hottest specialty in medicine

What if you could simply build upon your existing medical expertise and be ready to transition to this specialty within a matter of months? 

What if you could work directly with patients but leave the exploitative working conditions behind? 

What if you could count on never having to work weekends again? 

What if you could recover the work/life balance that is so critical to your physical, mental, and social health? 

What if you could combine art and science in fascinating, highly individualized ways? 

What if you got to work in an upscale, thoughtfully designed environment rather than in a cold, aesthetically sterile hospital setting? 

What if you woke up every morning excited about going to work? 

What if your dream career was just around the corner? 

AAAMS Makes Opening the Door to Your Dream Career Fast, Fun, Easy, and Affordable

AAAMS (The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery) is the premium place to get fully-accredited, top-tier training in Botox and dermal fillers. No matter your current or prior medical specialty, we’ve designed enjoyable, engaging, and highly rigorous virtual and hybrid training programs for every level of experience. Even if you have zero experience in aesthetic medicine, you can still earn your Botox certification in almost no time with very little investment. 

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Of course, it’s one thing to enroll in industry-leading aesthetic courses and another thing to actually land your dream job. Just because you earn your Botox and dermal filler certification doesn’t mean doors will open automatically. There’s much more to landing your dream job than simply the right credentials.

At AAAMS, we know it’s not enough to “catch and release” our students. To succeed and excel in any field, professional networking is imperative. After all, networking is the best way to form professional relationships, access support, receive mentorship, keep abreast of relevant job opportunities, request references, get your resume in the right hands, contribute to your professional community, stay abreast of industry events, and continue to grow and develop both personally and professionally. And that’s why we created the AAAMS Aesthetics Network—our exclusive professional network that gives you all these benefits. (Including discounts on AAAMS courses.)   

If you’re ready to open the door to your dream career with Botox and dermal filler training, visit our website today. Check out everything the Aesthetics Network has to offer, explore our courses, and enroll in the one that’s right for you.

Your dream career is right around the corner!