All About Dermal Filler Training: Everything Nurses Need to Know


Remember how it felt the first time you ever jumped off the diving board into a public swimming pool? Remember how far down the water seemed and how deep it was? Remember having second thoughts about this whole diving board business, yet at the same time, really wanting to jump in and test your burgeoning mettle? 

Even when you’re all grown up, it can still be a bit nerve-wracking to jump into something completely new. You still need to know it’s safe no matter how old you are. You still need to know that trustable support is at hand. And you still need to have good evidence that you’ll be successful in your efforts. And that’s why in this piece, we’re going to share just about everything you need to know to feel confident and excited about jumping into dermal filler training! We’ll start with a broad overview of the three biggies we just mentioned—safety, support, and success—and then move on to more of the nitty-gritty stuff you may be wondering about. 


Before you jumped off that diving board, the question you were trying to settle for yourself was whether it was safe. The number one question you need to ask yourself before leaping into any aesthetic training program is whether the delivery platform is fully-accredited and backed by a reputable professional body. Accreditation keeps you safe in at least three ways: 

  1. It ensures that the platform in question is adherent to the highest industry standards and ethics. 
  2. It ensures that the training you receive is top tier and that your course instructors are proven experts.
  3.  It ensures that employers and patients recognize the training you receive as legitimate and of the highest quality (and therefore bankable). 

At AAAMS (The American Association of Medical Aesthetics and Surgery), we are proud to be the fully-accredited industry leaders for excellence in aesthetics education. When it comes to selecting a training platform, there’s no safer choice than AAAMS! 


When you were first standing at the edge of the diving board looking way, way down to the water below, the chances are that you had somebody cheering you on and offering reassurance. (And if you didn’t, you’re probably a born daredevil!) At AAAMS, we have your back every step of the way. How? For one, we design our courses to be very user-friendly! This means that we combine a very rigorous curriculum with highly engaging instruction. (While learning a new medical skill is necessarily a serious thing, if you’re not enjoying the learning process, you’re going to get less out of your training experience.) 

Moreover, because we’re known for our personable approach to aesthetics training, you can count on learning from instructors who are available, easy to approach, and totally committed to giving you the support you need. 

And finally (and this is one of the things that makes AAAMS most unique and really sets us apart from other training platforms), our professional Aesthetics Network gives you an extra-strength shot of ongoing support! This network instantly connects you to your fellow aesthetics trainees, seasoned aesthetics experts, mentorship opportunities, and many other sources of support, encouragement, and collaboration. (Plus, it offers a whole library of learning resources, discounts on AAAMS courses, and much, much more!) When you train with AAAMS, you will never feel alone on your aesthetics journey! 


Life is full of risks, and the key to success is taking the right ones. After all, you took a chance when you first jumped off that diving board, and you took a risk when you decided on your profession. And if you’re in a happy relationship, you took the risk of trusting somebody with your heart. It’s critically important to take calculated risks—risks that provide good evidence that the outcome will benefit you. 

At AAAMS, we have a 15-year track record (one of the longest in the industry) of successfully preparing students worldwide (more than 5,000) for rewarding careers in aesthetic medicine. We bring a stellar industry reputation and garner rave reviews from our students. Our ethos is built on a commitment to win-win relationships. It’s simple. For us to succeed, we need you to succeed. And that means setting you up for success from day one to find out for yourself why dermal filler training is an awesome investment in your nursing career

The Nitty Gritty

Now that we’ve covered the biggies, you’re probably wondering about the nitty-gritty of dermal filler training, so in this last section, we’ll lay out some of the details. 

Virtual and Hybrid Courses 

AAAMS offers virtual (self-paced/asynchronous) and hybrid (synchronous) courses. You’ll begin your training with a virtual course prerequisite for our hybrid course. (Virtual courses prepare you for the hands-on courses needed to safely, effectively, and artfully perform dermal fillers.) 

Easy, Affordable Access to Aesthetics Education

You can begin your journey to dermal filler (and also Botox) certification for as little as $650 by taking our Mini-Course. Plus, financing is available to make the certification process manageable for any budget! 

Comprehensive Instruction 

Our courses are designed to provide a fully contextualized understanding of dermal fillers. In our mini-course alone, you’ll learn: 

  • An introductory course to human facial anatomy, including the anatomy of facial nerve blocks 
  • All about how the aging process results in highly predictable changes in facial anatomy
  • How to use your understanding of these changes to assess facial anatomy and provide individualized treatment interventions
  • The many different classifications of fillers and which fillers are appropriate for the upper, middle, and lower areas of the face 
  • Indications and contraindications for any particular dermal filler product or treatment 
  • How to avoid and treat dermal filler complications 

The mini-course also includes demonstration videos covering eyebrow lift, treatment of glabellar, forehead, and marionette lines, as well as nasolabial folds. These videos also demonstrate proper injection techniques for treating under-eye hollowness and tear troughs, techniques for creating fuller lips, and treatments for enhancing chin and jawline contours. You’ll also watch a series of real-life patient interactions created by AAAMS founder Dr. Sam Assassa using a GoPro camera so you can observe the process from a first-person perspective. (AAAMS provides the only training program that gives you this kind of glimpse into what your day-to-day aesthetics practice will look like!) 

If all of this is what you can expect from just our mini-course, imagine how well your broader training experience will prepare you for a successful career in aesthetic medicine! 

Safe, Supportive, Success-Focused, and Frankly, a Lot of Fun! 

We hope this piece has given you everything you need to know to jump confidently into dermal filler training. We invite you to check out our website, read our reviews, take a closer look at our popular courses, and enroll to get started on what promises to be an aesthetics adventure! 

We look forward to training with you! 

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