Botox Certification Is Faster, Easier, and More Affordable Than You Might Think

botox certification is faster, easier, and more affordable than NPs, RNs, or PAs may think

You know how it is. You have this great idea or goal that you’re completely lit up about and determined to achieve. Say, remodeling your kitchen, crossing that dream destination off your bucket list, adopting a puppy, or getting certified in Botox. 

And then months or maybe even years go by, and you’re still sitting in your same ol’ kitchen, still dreaming of visiting Machu Picchu, sill looking longingly at dog food on your grocery store runs, and still missing out on taking your nursing career in a fantastic new direction. 

So, why does it so often go this way? The answer is pretty obvious: These ideas and goals come with hefty price tags and serious time investments. Think about it. Practically everybody has sticker shock and domestic-disruption syndrome when they finally get around to remodeling their kitchen. And it’s not exactly like planning a trip to your dream destination is easy on your wallet or schedule. And let’s face it—anybody who thinks that adopting a puppy won’t entail considerable time and expense (totally worth it, of course) probably isn’t ready to be a pet parent.  

But here’s the thing: Botox certification is the one thing on that list that doesn’t belong in the time-consuming, difficult, and expensive category. If you’re an RN, NP, or PA that’s been dragging your feet on Botox certification because you assume it will be a total drain on your bank account, schedule, and energy, you’re gloriously mistaken! 

How the AAAMS Puts Top-Tier Aesthetics Training Within Accessible Reach 

The AAAMS (American Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery) is the leading, fully-accredited online platform for aesthetic education and certification. Our goal is to deliver the most comprehensive, highest-quality medical aesthetics training on the market while also streamlining the learning process. This means no jumping through a million hoops—just becoming adept at performing safe, effective, and artful Botox injections as quickly as possible. (This also means expanding your career options and job opportunities without delay. And since the market for medical aesthetics is absolutely booming, this is a very, very good thing.) 

Botox Certification With the AAAMS is Fast

Did you know that you can become Botox certified in as little as three days? (We’d recommend pacing yourself, but for you speed racers out there, three days is totally doable.) Provided you’re an RN, NP, or PA in good standing, it’s your current medical training and background that provides a strong foundation for learning Botox and makes accelerated learning possible. You already understand safe injection techniques, and from here, becoming qualified to perform Botox treatments is mostly a matter of learning… 

  • The history of neurotoxins
  • Molecular structure of Botox
  • Mode of action
  • BotoxNatomy™—the anatomy responsible for facial expressions
  • Clinical assessment 
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Pitfalls of neurotoxin application and how to avoid them

What’s more, when you complete the AAAMS CE Accredited Aesthetics Training Course, you earn your certification not just in Botox but also in Dermal Fillers and Chemical Peels! 

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Botox Certification With the AAAMS is Easy

By “easy,” we don’t mean that becoming adept at Botox can’t be challenging. Acquiring any new skill—especially a medical one—comes with a natural learning curve. What we mean by easy is that we’ve structured our courses to be incredibly accessible and convenient. With both virtual and hybrid courses to choose from to suit your learning preferences and needs, you can train at your own pace or in a seasonal window that best fits your schedule.

Even though aspects of Botox training can be challenging, this is what makes it exciting! You can rest assured that you are in good hands with world-class instructors on your side, as well as the AAAMS Aesthetics Network. We created this professional network to ensure that you’re supported at every point of your medical aesthetics journey. The network is a lot like LinkedIn, only exclusively for aesthetics practitioners, and through it, you’ll find: 

  • Peer support and peer-to-peer learning
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Job listings and referrals
  • A library of learning resources 
  • The latest in industry news
  • Invitations to special events
  • Discounts on our training courses
  • …and much, much more! 

Botox Certification With the AAAMS is Affordable 

You can get started on your Botox certification journey for as little as $650 by taking our Botulinum Toxins Mini-Course. (And you can get 10% off this price when you join the AAAMS Aesthetics Network!) And while a larger investment is required to reach certification, it’s going to be a lot less expensive than a kitchen remodel, a trip to your dream destination, or even the annual costs involved in adopting a puppy. Besides, the investment you make in Botox certification is an investment in your career prospects that will pay for itself many times over in the years to come. (Plus, financing options are available!) 

Get Started On Your New Career Adventure With the AAAMS! 

Ready to take the plunge into Botox certification? We’ve been waiting for you! Visit us today to learn more about everything we have to offer, enroll in one of our aesthetic courses, and join our amazing Aesthetics Network. Getting Botox-certified is a goal you’ll be happy you didn’t put off reaching any longer!