How Aesthetics Training Puts a Successful Career Pivot in Fast, Easy, Affordable Reach

how the AAAMS aesthetics training program helps you with you career pivot

Making a career pivot can seem daunting. Once you’ve established a career groove, it can feel much harder to change tracks. And the longer you’ve been on that track, the more you often have at stake. After all, your career is about much more than the actual work you do or your income. If you’re like most people, it’s also a huge part of your personal identity, a significant source of social contact and friendships, and, in the best of cases, something that gives you a sense of meaning and purpose.  

But if you’ve been thinking seriously about aesthetic medicine, chances are that your career has become a significant source of dissatisfaction or extreme stress. And if this is the case, it’s perfectly natural to fear that a career pivot will further complicate the equation. Specifically, you may worry about the time and costs associated with pursuing additional training. You may worry about how this training will impact your current career and personal life. You may worry about starting over from scratch and being pushed, so to speak, to the back of the professional line. You may even worry that after investing considerable time and money that it will turn out you’re not a good fit for Botox training

All of these concerns are valid, and that’s precisely why AAAMS (the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery) creates content for the express purpose of helping you confidently address them so you’ll feel confident and excited about moving forward. In this piece, we hope to assuage your concerns by laying out how we put a successful career pivot within fast, easy, affordable, and nearly risk-free reach. 

How AAAMS Puts Top-Tier Aesthetics Training Within Accessible Reach 

AAAMS is the premier, fully-accredited online platform for aesthetic education and certification. We’ve designed our courses to give you the highest-quality medical aesthetics training on the market while also streamlining the learning process. At AAAMS, there’s no “busy work,” or jumping through hoops to get your Botox certification—just a focus on learning to safely, effectively, and artfully perform aesthetic injectables as quickly as possible. (This means minimizing interruptions to your current career and personal life and opening the door to new career possibilities without delay.) 

Aesthetic Training With AAAMS is Fast

Building on your existing medical skills, you can become certified in as little as three days. (We’d recommend a more leisurely learning experience, but it’s possible to dramatically expedite the process, should you wish.) If you’re an RN, NP, or PA in good standing, safe injection technique is already within your repertoire, which means the bulk of your training will focus on:

  • An introduction to human facial anatomy, including the anatomy of facial nerve blocks 
  • How the aging process results in highly predictable changes in facial anatomy
  • How to use your understanding of these changes to assess facial anatomy and provide individualized treatment interventions
  • The various classifications of fillers, and which fillers are appropriate for the upper, middle, and lower areas of the face 
  • Indications and contraindications for any particular dermal filler product or treatment 
  • How to avoid and treat dermal filler complications 

The great thing is that when you complete AAAMS’s CE Accredited Aesthetics Training Course, you earn a triple certification in Botox, dermal fillers, and chemical peels!  

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Aesthetic Training With AAAMS is Easy

Don’t get us wrong. By “easy,” we don’t mean that our courses lack rigor or that you can bypass the learning curve entirely. But we’ve gone to great lengths to structure our courses to be super accessible and convenient. With both virtual and hybrid courses to suit your individual learning preferences and personal needs, you can train at a pace that’s right for you, in a timeframe that most easily fits your schedule. 

Although aesthetic training is not without its challenges, rest assured that you will be well supported every step of the way. Between the support you’ll receive from our world-class instructors and AAAMS Aesthetics Network, you’ll have every resource imaginable to ensure your success. Specifically, the AAAMS Aesthetics Network gives you:

  • Peer support and peer-to-peer learning
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Job listings and referrals
  • A library of learning resources 
  • The latest in industry news
  • Invitations to special events
  • Discounts on our training courses
  • …and much, much more! 

Aesthetic Training With AAAMS is Affordable 

You can get started on your aesthetics training journey for as little as $650 by taking our Botulinum Toxins Mini-Course. (And you can get 10% off this price when you join the AAAMS Aesthetics Network!) While it costs more to earn your certification, it is virtually nothing compared to the cost of the education required to pivot into almost any other medical specialty. And perhaps even more to the point, with the market for aesthetic injectables absolutely booming, Botox and filler training is an investment in one of the hottest medical specialties out there. (Plus, financing options are available!) 

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Get Started On Your New Career Adventure With AAAMS! 

Ready to take the exciting leap into aesthetic medicine? We’re thrilled for you to join our community of aspiring and seasoned aesthetic practitioners! Visit us today to learn more about everything we have to offer, enroll in a course, and join our amazing Aesthetics Network. 

We look forward to seeing you in class!