Five Effective Approaches for Attracting Patients to Your Aesthetic Practice

Five Effective Approaches for Attracting Patients to Your Aesthetic Practice

If you build it, they will come. The degree to which this turns out to be true will depend largely on the strength of your aesthetics training and how much thought and planning you put into attracting patients to your aesthetics practice.

Whether you’re thinking about expanding your current practice with the addition of medical aesthetics or launching a whole new aesthetics-based venture, you’ll need a concrete approach for effectively reaching, engaging, connecting, and converting new and established customers (patients). With this in mind, the following five approaches can be a great place to start. 

Pick the Low-Hanging Fruit

The truism that people do business with those they know, like, and trust is one you can use to your advantage. Pick the low-hanging fruit by letting everyone who already fits this bill (starting with your current patients) know about your aesthetic practice. 

Create Referral Incentives

Whether you’re looking for a handyman, a dental provider, a mechanic, or any service at all, you’re most likely to find them by, yes, asking someone you know, like, and trust for a referral. When your best friend tells you they’ve had a great experience with X handyman, or your colleague tells you she loves X dental practice, or your dad swears by X mechanic, the deal is generally done. Even if there’s a better handyman, dental practice, or mechanic out there, your mind will typically already be made up, based solely on the strength of the relationship you have with the person who gave you the referral. 

This is why creating programs to incentivize referrals can be a great way to attract patients to your practice. Say, for instance, that an existing patient learns a successful new-patient referral will earn her $100 off her subsequent Botox treatment. Or that for every three new patients she brings to your practice, she’ll receive free dermal filler. When these sorts of incentives are put in place, existing patients will be that much more likely to talk up your practice and help spread the word about your services.  

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Develop a Clear and Compelling Brand Identity

Aesthetic medicine represents a booming market, with more and more practitioners entering the space every day. Whether you live in a more sparsely populated area of the country and are set to become the first aesthetic practice in town or are in a large city with dozens of competing practices, it’s essential that you develop a clear brand identity. 

Your brand identity is your practice’s public face and “personality.” Whether that face and personality are high-brow and exclusive (aimed at wealthy urban sophisticates), casual and upscale (designed to attract everyday people with discretionary income), or a bit edgy and artsy (targeted at high-earning creatives), it needs to be compelling—and aligned with your target audiences’ values, aesthetic, and lifestyle. 

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And it bears repeating here—the more specific you can be about developing your brand identity, the more likely you’ll be to successfully differentiate your practice from your competitors. Last, remember that your brand identity needs to be consistent across every point-of-contact that your target audience has with your brand: your website, social media channels, billboards, your physical practice, and so on. 

Focus on Creating Value-Added Content

Value-added content means creating educational or inspiring content that offers something of value to your target audience rather than directly attempting to drive sales. (Of course, offering something of value is a sales tactic in that it raises awareness about your practice and helps to build trust, but any sales that occur are simply incidental.) 

Look for opportunities to offer value by educating, inspiring, or “edu-spiring” your target audience with tactics like these:

  • Sharing informative blogs on your website about the procedures you perform
  • Taking Did You Know? approaches to your social posts
  • Encouraging patients to share their success stories on their social channels
  • Hosting free educational events

You decide to create value-added content that generates a positive experience for your brand and thus attracts patients to your practice.  

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