Male RNs Are Falling Behind In Aesthetic Medicine: Here’s How Botox and Dermal Filler Training Will Help Them Catch Up

Male RNs are becoming increasingly interested in medical aesthetics training as a way to advance their career

Male RNs are often slower than their female counterparts to recognize how expanding their skillset with Botox and dermal filler training can be a wise career investment. According to Terrence Keaney MD, founder of SkinDC, a Washington, D.C. medical aesthetics practice that caters to a male demographic, “Men don’t have the grasp of aesthetic medicine as being ‘for them’ in the way women do… and are about ten years behind in their awareness.”   

Why Male Consumers and Male RNs are Behind Their Female Counterparts

Men’s lag in awareness should come as no surprise for several reasons. First, women continue to be far more culturally conditioned than men to focus on their physical appearance and thus be savvier about various products and services designed to enhance it. Second, men have traditionally been stigmatized for their interest in cosmetic procedures. Last, marketing efforts for medical aesthetics and medical aesthetics training have disproportionately targeted female consumers and female RNs. 

Each of these three reasons has made it easier for female RNs to recognize the career advancement opportunities inherent in aesthetic medicine. But thankfully, this is changing as men’s interest in and awareness of aesthetic medicine continues to grow. “[While] men still represent a minority [of aesthetic medicine consumers and practitioners],” Keaney affirms, “growth within this demographic is keeping pace with growth in the female market.”

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In other words, though women’s interests in aesthetic medicine will continue to exceed men’s for the foreseeable future, male entry into this arena from both the consumer and business side represents a significant portion of market share. 

Botox and Dermal Fillers as Accessible Gateways to Aesthetic Medicine

Research shows that among aesthetic services, injectables (Botox and dermal fillers) function as an accessible gateway to other cosmetic procedures. This holds true for both male and female consumers, as well as male and female RNs. This makes sense from the consumer side since these services are relatively affordable, enjoy a strong safety profile, and have a high satisfaction rate. 

From the business side, Botox training and Dermal Filler Training are accessible gateways into aesthetic medicine for four reasons. 

  1. Currently licensed RNs already possess the credentials, medical background, and skill set needed for advancing their career in aesthetic medicine.
  2. Thanks to this foundation, RNs can learn to safely and skillfully perform Botox and dermal filler injections in a relatively short time.  
  3. Compared to more invasive or technology-intensive aesthetics services such as cosmetic surgery and laser therapies that require advanced and extensive medical aesthetics training, hospital privileges, and investment in expensive equipment, injectables come with extremely low adoption costs and overhead. 
  4. RNs already have existing relationships with current patients, making it much easier to identify their target audience for aesthetic services and generate demand for them. 

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How Male RNs Can Grow Their Practice With Botox and Dermal Filler Training 

At AAAMS, we are an industry-leading online training platform for medical aesthetics training that puts fully accredited, world-class aesthetic courses within easy and affordable reach. With virtual and hybrid courses to choose from, we deliver world-class instruction by renowned practitioners, thoughtfully designed courses, and instant access to a professional Aesthetics Network that provides you with ongoing peer support, a referral pipeline, and mentorship opportunities. 

With both men and women becoming increasingly aware of and interested in aesthetic medicine, there’s never been a better time for male RNs to invest in their professional development and advance their careers with aesthetic medicine. Enroll in a course now to learn how to safely and skillfully perform Botox and dermal filler injections, connect with aspiring and seasoned aesthetic professionals, and advance your career with entry into the exciting field of medical aesthetics. We look forward to training with you!