Aesthetics 101 Express Fellowship

Aesthetics 101 Express Fellowship is a unique comprehensive program that teaches practitioners the art of performing aesthetic procedures in a clear, concise, and practical manner. The program provides a theoretical foundation to build the core principles of facial aesthetics and connects it with an educational hands-on experience. The entire program revolves around one unique principle: The 4R’s of Aesthetics.

The 4R's of Aesthetics:


Using Botox® to Relax the Muscles and Restore Beauty


Using Dermal Fillers to Enhance and Refill Facial Features


Using Cosmeceuticals, Peels, Lasers & Lights to Resurface Skin


Using Suspension Facelift and Surgical Lift to Resuspend Beauty

Program Structure:

Our unique program structure offers the flexibility of online learning enabling practitioners to master the didactic theory from the comfort of their own home on their own schedule. Our training modules are streamlined, descriptive, and easy to follow. Practitioners will be exposed to a variety of learning materials that provide a well-supported understanding of each topic. Practitioners will have the ability to check their knowledge along the way with sample questions and hypothetical scenarios. When ready, practitioners will take an examination to test their knowledge. Successful completion of the examination permits admittance to the next module.