5 Reasons Why Aesthetics Training Will Benefit Your Practice

Want to add ancillary services to your practice? Interested in introducing aesthetic treatments as a way to add extra revenue or meet patient demand? Even if you’ve only entertained the idea, there’s reason to think more seriously about taking aesthetics courses. In this guide, we’ll look at not only why moving into aesthetics is a […]

3 Benefits of Enrolling in Advanced Aesthetics Training Courses

The medical aesthetics market will grow by $5B in the next five years, climbing from $9.4B in 2020 to approximately $15.9B in 2025. To stay competitive, aesthetics practitioners must further refine their skills and enhance their knowledge more than ever. From perfecting a legacy procedure to learning about an innovative new technique, practitioners need a […]

5 Tips for Training Your Aesthetic Practice Employees

While it’s undoubtedly essential to take the time and effort to seek out and hire the right people for your practice, it’s the effort that could be spent in vain if you don’t follow up with excellent aesthetic training.  It’s easy for physicians and other medical practitioners to feel that energy and years of education […]

What Does An Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Do?

Aesthetic nurses are registered nurses with specialized training in aesthetic and cosmetic services, such as Botox® injections and dermal fillers. Qualified to provide a wide variety of services to patients, aesthetic nurses generally work alongside a physician to assist with aesthetic procedures as well as performing other medical support duties.  Procedures that aesthetic nurses might […]