Top 10 Things MDs Need to Look for When Selecting a Liposuction Training Course

liposuction training course for MDs

MDs who are entertaining the idea of expanding and growing their practice with liposuction often spend considerable time researching training platforms for this high-demand procedure—and for good reason. Not only are there multiple platforms to choose from, but physicians also need to feel confident they’ll receive top-tier training backed by a reputable professional body. Related […]

Why MDs Looking to Expand Their Practice Should Consider Tumescent Liposuction Training

Tumescent Liposuction Training

The market for aesthetic procedures continues to skyrocket and prove remarkably resilient to economic downturns. The spike in demand for medical aesthetics has been so significant as to capture the attention of Fortune Magazine, leaving little doubt about the growth opportunity represented by this increasingly popular subspecialty. And with this recognition, many MDs are pursuing […]

5 Things to Know Before Beginning Liposuction Training

Liposuction Training

Enrolling in liposuction training provides medical professionals with a great addition to have in their aesthetic medicine skillset. The procedure can be very lucrative for aesthetic medical professionals, and it can be used alongside other standard medical procedures—making it a sensible skill set to add to any practice. For instance, if you work in an […]

5 Surprising Benefits of Botox Injections That Go Way Beyond Erasing Wrinkles

Botox Injections

The use of aesthetic medicine has changed the way clinicians approach cosmetic procedures and expanded the applications for Botox, one of the most popular tools in their treatment arsenal. While Botox is best known for its ability to erase wrinkling and reduce dermal creasing, it enjoys at least five other popular applications. While these applications […]

How To Prepare Your Patient For Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction Recovery

After performing liposuction, you must review your patient’s next steps to recovery, including how much rest is needed before they resume their normal life. Remember to consult with the patient regarding the risks and what to expect post-operation before you schedule the surgery. From before the surgery to the weeks after, here are three ways […]

Liposuction Training: 6 Things You Will Learn From AAAMS’s Liposuction Training 201

Liposuction Training

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery offers a robust liposuction training course for practitioners of any skill level. The Basic Liposuction Training (LIPO 201) is one of the virtual and self-paced aesthetic courses that introduces the foundation for understanding tumescent liposuction and liposculpting. It is a prerequisite for the advanced aesthetic training program, […]

Top 4 Reasons Why Liposuction Training Can Benefit Your Practice


Advanced Liposuction training through The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) can give physicians proper education to perform the liposuction procedure.  Here are the top four reasons why liposuction training can benefit your practice. Better Understand the Procedure In AAAMS, you will undergo a comprehensive training program to receive your certification to perform […]