5 New Dermal Fillers and Neurotoxins Trends That Are Coming Your Way

dermal fillers

Aesthetic medicine continues to enjoy exponential growth, and both patients and clinicians look forward to benefiting from the latest dermal fillers and neurotoxin trends. As the medical aesthetics industry evolves, new and better injectables (as both dermal fillers and neurotoxins are often called) are preparing to make their market debut or have already been released. […]

5 Top Skills Dermal Filler Training Gives You to Grow Your Medical Aesthetics Practice

Dermal Filler Training

Injectable dermal fillers (often referred to in the medical aesthetics industry as simply “injectables”) are an incredibly popular way to enhance facial structure and achieve a more youthful look. The demand for this treatment is so high that more than six million injections are performed each year. For this reason, many professionals are taking advantage […]

A Nurse’s Guide To Choosing The Best Dermal Filler Training To Enhance Your Career

dermal filler training

It is a challenging process to find the right aesthetic training program to earn certifications, during unprecedented times or not. Rummaging through the internet and constantly landing on non-medical training pages that don’t offer the proper medical training required to move forward is exhausting.  AAAMS offers a variety of options for current and future Aesthetic […]

4 Ways Virtual Dermal Filler Training Can Help Enhance Your Career

Dermal filler training

The aesthetics industry has been developing significantly for many years, and it shows no signs of stopping. Dermal filler training are a major piece of that development; as of right now, it is the most popular non-surgical restorative treatment. You don’t want this added value in the aesthetic industry to pass you by. One way […]

4 Things You Will Learn From The AAAMS Dermal Fillers Training 101 Course

Dermal Fillers Training

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) provides dermal filler training that will leave every professional with in-depth knowledge about dermal fillers that will propel their career forward. The top cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures for 2019 were Botox and top tissue fillers, with over a combined 10 million injections performed in the United States. […]