All About Dermal Filler Training: Everything Nurses Need to Know

Remember how it felt the first time you ever jumped off the diving board into a public swimming pool? Remember how far down the water seemed and how deep it was? Remember having second thoughts about this whole diving board business, yet at the same time, really wanting to jump in and test your burgeoning […]

Can Aesthetics Training Change Your Life? For This Nurse, It Did

how aesthetics training can change your life as a nurse

Life-changing.  That’s an expression you hear a lot, almost always with a hefty dose of hyperbole. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably found yourself enthusing that everything from a gourmet meal to a good back rub to a newly purchased toilet bowl cleaner was, yes, life-changing.   We all know that such declarations are generally […]

Beyond Beauty: Why Botox Training Can Help Nurses Grow Their Practice

how botox training can help grow your aesthetic practice

Botox is practically synonymous with beauty. If you’re like many nurses, when you think of Botox, it tends to instantly conjure up images of red carpet celebrities, affluent housewives, media personalities, and luxurious med spas. And while this makes sense, it’s a testament to how little is widely known about Botox’s broader applications.  Botox Training […]

Botox Certification Is Faster, Easier, and More Affordable Than You Might Think

botox certification is faster, easier, and more affordable than NPs, RNs, or PAs may think

You know how it is. You have this great idea or goal that you’re completely lit up about and determined to achieve. Say, remodeling your kitchen, crossing that dream destination off your bucket list, adopting a puppy, or getting certified in Botox.  And then months or maybe even years go by, and you’re still sitting […]

7 Best Online Botox And Dermal Fillers Training Certifications In 2022

Botox Training

It can be tough to find the right aesthetic training course to earn certifications during these unprecedented times. Surfing the web and only finding non-medical training programs that don’t offer the proper training required to move forward can become frustrating.  AAAMS offers an array of options for current and future Aesthetic Practitioners looking to certify […]

Looking for High-Quality Botox Courses in Mexico or Taiwan? You’re in Luck!

AAAMS offers botox courses in Mexico and Taiwan

All over the world, the medical aesthetics market is booming! From New York to Bogata to Shanghai to Dubai, more and more healthcare professionals are breaking into this exciting field with medical aesthetics training. But if you’re a medical practitioner in Mexico or Taiwan, it can be tough to find high-quality, accredited, accessible aesthetics instruction […]

The Evolution of Beauty: Why Botox and Dermal Filler Training are in Such High Demand for RNs and NPs

Why RNs and NPs enroll in botox and dermal filler training

Anybody who claims that “beauty is only skin deep” hasn’t taken a look at the latest research. After all, ample scientific evidence reveals beauty serves essential evolutionary and social functions. Evolutionary biologists, evolutionary psychologists, and social scientists alike tell us that beauty—the visual perception of balance, symmetry, and vitality most often associated with youth and […]