5 Myths About Aesthetic Medicine You Can’t Afford to Believe

Aesthetic Medicine

The art and science of human beauty have intrigued humans for millennia. Studies show that we prefer to look at faces rather than inanimate objects from the moment we are born. And it’s no wonder that when we encounter a person that we find stunningly beautiful, we use words like transfixed, stunned, enchanted, and spellbound […]

Top 5 Concerns Of Aesthetic Patients And How You Can Put Them At Ease

Aesthetic Patients

Aging is inevitable and will happen to all of us eventually. That is why the demand for a smoother and more youthful look is at an all-time high. Aesthetic procedures can help rejuvenate the skin making it look and feel like years have been shaved off. Although they are non-invasive, aesthetic procedures are still procedures […]